Welcome to Toddler Planet

Two years ago this week, I realized that I was part of a new world.  My life had changed forever from one focused on understanding and communicating science, to one that was focused on my new infant child.  I fell instantly, madly, head-over-heels in love with him the moment that he was placed on my belly.  I wanted nothing more than to hold him, to feed him, to smell his baby scent, and to help him explore and grow up to do whatever he wants to do.  Two years later, I still do.

Widget and I have a wonderful time together on toddler planet.  We run, we laugh, we climb, we explore, we ask questions, we read, we play with friends, and we try to find answers together.  We have a great playgroup that constantly challenges us to try new things and friends that are eager to come along with us on adventures to the nature center, the airplane museum, the trolley museum, the park, the building museum … and then someplace new the next week. 

As we start year 3 of our life together, Widget, Daddy, and I are looking for new challenges and new learning experiences that will help us grow.  I want to grow as a mom, a mentor, and an educator for these early years.  I want Widget to grow into a strong little boy who knows he can do anything he wants — and who wants to try it all.  We’re off to a great start, and I’ll write more about us and what we like to do so far, but I want this blog to be a conversation about raising kids to be intellectually curious, and I am so glad that you’re visiting us today. 

Welcome to Toddler Planet.  

8 Responses to Welcome to Toddler Planet

  1. Binkytown says:

    Very cool! We get toddler planet right after Pluto has been demoted- the universe is balanced again!

  2. Mom101 says:

    Welcome to toddler planet yourself… and we welcome Toddler Planet into the blogworld.

  3. whymommy says:

    Thanks! We’re so happy to be here. I’ve been reading mommyblogs for only a month or so (hey, bedrest is good for something!) and just had to join in! Might take me a little bit to find my voice … but thanks for coming by, and I hope you’ll come again!

  4. toyspoint says:

    nice blog, welcome to toddler’s world.

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