Well, I’ve been tagged for my first meme, by Lynsalyns over at Chicken and Cheese.  She asked, “What’s in your bag?” 

This is a funny question if you know me, cause I don’t really *have* a bag.  I’m the mom in playgroup that always shows up with snacks and a sippy cup in hand (or in the boy’s hands, as I carry him in from the street).  It’s just me and the kid, hand in hand, and you know what?  It works for us.

What do we do when we need a diaper change or a new toy to stave off a tantrum?  We just go out to the carck (the boy’s word for our mini-SUV, which, I might add, is genius, because it is part car and part truck) and change the diaper there.  Or we take a look at a picture on the walls and try to find the dog, or the boy, or the girl, and that distracts him for a moment or two.  And at our friends’ houses, there is always plenty to do without bringing something else along to worry about.

When you have an active toddler that’s always climbing and jumping off of things, it’s best to travel light and keep your hands free! 


5 Responses to Tagged!

  1. Lynsalyns says:

    No bag! You continue to impress me …

  2. Whymommy says:

    Oh, good! I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in ….

  3. Lynsalyns says:

    My friend, I just found out you are an actual rocket scientist (I visited your best friend). So it is I who is impressed.

  4. You are braver than I. I must always have the bag – although, coincidentally, I accidentally left it at home yesterday when I took my toddler to a butterfly festival. We muddled through, though. My husband, on the other hand, does not want to be seen with a diaper bag and travels everywhere without one, despite my nagging.

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