Matchbox Cars

My toddler is into cars, trucks, trains, bulldozers, dump trucks, and everything else that has wheels and a job to do.  He just got his first matchbox cars, and he absolutely loves racing them up and down the hallway.  This is great.  What I’m dreading is when he turns 16 and asks for his own car like these teens in Loudoun County.  There’s so much excess out there … and so much that doesn’t reflect our values.  Or our budget.  What worries me most, though, is setting up unrealistic expectations.  Go read the last paragraph again and think back to your first job … would you have been able to afford a BMW your first year out of college?  Or during graduate school?  Very few people could, I think, and I worry about the expectations that are being set.  As for us, we’re doing just fine with our wooden trains and matchbox cars.  They’re hand-me-downs from our own childhoods, and it’s so nice to see them being loved again.  Especially the little red truck with the working tailgate, the favorite car I’ve ever had.


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