Then again, there is no peace like the peace of a newborn baby asleep on your chest.  As Little Bear breathes in and out it hardly stirs the air around us.  His little sighs are audible only to those who strain to hear them, and his warmth makes me feel, well, all snuggly and warm inside.  I’m still tired, but it’s good tired, the tired that comes from holding a baby spent from an hour hiccuping and squirming uncomfortably with gas.  The kind of tired that makes you remember why we do this, and why there is some hope yet for the world.  The kind of tired that makes me sigh comfortably as I swaddle him and lay him down in his bassinet and return to my own musings to await his next awakening, when the feeding-burping-holding cycle will all begin again.  I will be more grateful this time.  I swear.


Yes, that’s Little Bear.  No, it’s not me.  But it is a sweet sweet picture of our Daddy enjoying a good snuggle with his littlest boy.


3 Responses to Reconsidered

  1. I don’t know why – but it is true.

  2. pluckymama says:

    OH, I want my next little boy NOW!! Being a mommy to a little boy is so romantic!

  3. Oh, The Joys says:

    Wow. I have reached the age of screaching. With one that is 2.5 and another that is 17 months… I’m just tired. Working on that grateful thing…

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