As prologue, please note that I have a NEWBORN at home and I’m not completely coherent much of the time.  Also, that said NEWBORN was up all night nursing and that means that I was too … but I have a few notes and links to share that I’d like to get down on (virtual) paper and share with you all as well! 

First, I’d like to note that in the light of day I do not regret taking my boys to playdate this week.  Although I did regret it mightily in the wee hours of the night as I wondered what I had done to deserve a sweet babe that nonetheless snores and gasps so much in his sleep that I need to hold him or watch him all night long.  Honestly, he snores like his great-grandmothers after Christmas dinner.  He rests easy only when he’s resting on my chest.  Which is absolutely lovely except when I haven’t slept.  All. Night. Long. 

Second, a follow-up to the eating choices of toddlers post a few months ago.  We must have done something right.  Yesterday Widget dragged his junior chair over to the counter, climbed up, and MOVED three bags of potato chips (yes, I know, but don’t I get a few extra calories for the nursing?) aside to get to the bananas underneath.  He then asked politely for a nana, and I was THRILLED to split it with him!  And the next one too!  Yeah!

Third, Widget learned to zip this week, without any special aids or toys.  He has been fascinated with bundling the baby up to go for rides in the car, and on Wednesday he spent quite a bit of time putting his cabbage patch baby doll in the punkin seat and zipping up the fuzzy cover to keep him warm.  He just set about to do it, and he did it.  Quite an accomplishment!

Fourth, Widget has also made great progress on the counting front.  He counts from 1-10 easily and unprompted, without mistakes, and enjoys actually counting objects now, like pennies (“dinosaur food” in our house, since we use them to feed the big dinosaur-shaped bank) or the windows in the Next Day Blinds ad on the back of the Washington Post’s Section A.  He also counts stairs, which is so lovely to see, since both his daddy and I did that as little children as well.

What else?  Oh yeah.  When Little Bear starts to fuss or cry, Widget runs over to the bassinet and says, “Out!”  Yup, exactly right!  We’re trying to let Little Bear sleep on his back in the bassinet as much as possible, to get him used to it (Widget was a swing/seat sleeper due to nasty reflux for his first few months), but pick him up quickly when he wakes.  I love that Widget picked up on that so quickly too!

I’ll close with links to some fun articles that have crossed my in-box this week.  Each one could be a wry, humorous post in itself (Blogging Astronauts, anyone?), but I have to get some laundry and the birth announcement done before the kids wake up, so I’m going to just leave you the links.  Enjoy!





Edited to add:  http://bitchphd.blogspot.com/2007/01/academic-blogging-part-ii.html, because it’s just too fascinating not to pass on.


Tut, tut, mother, haven’t you ordered my birth announcement yet?  Things to do, things to do!


3 Responses to Randomness

  1. Amy says:

    I remember those won’t-sleep-anywhere-but-on-me-days from my first. Do you have a La-Z-Boy chair? We lived in ours for 8 weeks – literally. It was the only place in the house where I could get any rest, because I didn’t feel like I was going to drop her all night long, but I could hold her, so she slept.

    The first night that we actually slept in the bed was a HUGE milestone in this house. She still hasn’t left at 18 months. Not sure where I’m going to put the new one!

    He looks like he has an old soul. Very Zen.

    Anyway, try the La-Z-Boy, even if it’s just for a nap. And hang in there. This Too Shall Pass.


  2. Shana says:

    Hee hee, love the look on Little Bear’s face there. Tut tut indeed!

  3. whymommy says:

    Great ideas — thanks, Amy!

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