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Welcome!  If you’re visiting this site for the first time today from the Parent Blogger Network or Rocks in My Dryer, I’m glad you’re here.  I’m a mom of two in Washington, D.C.  I work occasionally as a consultant, but mostly I am home with my two boys or out with them exploring all the fantastic museums and parks that D.C. has to offer.  My blog has a definite “fun things to do” bent, when it’s not taken over by cute pictures of my newborn (a temporary diversion, I swear!) or tales of my pregnancy struggles (thank goodness that’s over!).  Today’s post is my first review for the Parent Blogger Network.

PBN sent me a local product to review today, the Burpcatcher.  The Burpcatcher was designed by a D.C. mom of three who invented the product while raising her own kids.  Margaret Webb Pressler is a writer for the Washington Post, and she has written sound financial columns and features that I’ve enjoyed for years.  I opened the package eager to see what she had invented and how it would change my life.

The Burpcatcher is a new product designed to help moms fight one of the more annoying bits of new motherhood — clothes covered with spit-up.  I received a two-pack of these ingenious little flannel cloths, and I’ve been using them for a little over a week.  The cloths are very soft, thick, and pretty right out of the package; they make an appealing shower or new baby gift.

The Burpcatcher is made of two layers of absorbent flannel cloth that stayed on my shoulder when I burped my five-week-old.  It works nicely as a little burpcloth or as a quick grab for wiping up related messes.  Although I personally can’t vouch for the usefulness of the pocket (as my baby has decided to spit up through his nose lately), a visiting relative oohed and aahed over the design and wished that she had had one when her kids were young.

There is a drawback to using these little cloths regularly with newborns.  Since they are thick, doubled flannel, they take forever to dry in the dryer.  This wouldn’t be a problem if they were designed to be washed with heavy sweatshirts, etc., but since most moms of newborns wash baby clothes separately, in Dreft or some other light detergent, every load becomes a hassle, with receiving blankets drying first, then onesies and sleepers, and finally the flannel Burpcatchers.  So to avoid sleeper shrinkage, the Burpcatchers end up flopping around the dryer by themselves at the end of each load.  This seems like added hassle at a time when moms need to streamline their daily routine.  I don’t know if the fleece ones have this issue as well.

I’d recommend this product to moms and dads who have kids who projectile spit-up — and I know they’re out there — but it’s not much more useful than a regular cloth otherwise.

Except … I’ve started hanging mine over the edge of my boppy, as a little pocket for the remote control and a pen (for jotting down ideas, natch) while I sit up late at night in marathon nursing sessions.  While definitely not the recommended use for this product, it is handy!

This is my inaugural review for the Parent Blogger Network.  To see other reviews, visit the Burpcatcher Carnival here.


Who, me?  Spit up?  Through my what?


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  1. Julie says:

    Ha! My parents love to tell about my brother who would spit up through every available orifice.

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