Sea Bird (who I just met here recently via WFMW) has an interesting idea.  She asks, “What is your contribution to the blogosphere?”  With 55 million blogs, that’s an excellent question!  Why do I spend so much time here, typing away, when there are so many much better writers and thinkers out there?  In five words (per her request; her post will be called 5 on the 5th), here’s my take:  toddler science, baby, activities, perseverence).  That’s what I focus on in my life these days, and that’s what I hope my blog reflects.  Up next, my first nomination for A Perfect Post, to a writer who I enjoy every day!


2 Responses to Contribution?

  1. Mrs. Chicken says:

    Don’t sell yourself short. Your writing is engaging and you have a singular clarity of thought. Woman, you blogged on bedrest when I would have been crying in my soup. You inspire me.

    Thank you for the compliment. And right back atchya.

  2. whymommy says:

    Little did you know the bigger compliment was still to come, Mrs. Chicken! Written but not posted until after midnight, per the rules of the Perfect Post Award. . . I am so tickled to award you (with Jessica) your first Perfect Post!

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