Seven a.m.

Widget is learning to count, and this is starting to change our daily routine in ways I never expected. 

We count stairs.  We count bears.  We count books and trucks and toys on the chairs.  We count all the time, during the day and at night.  It is really amazing … and he’s always right!

Dr. Seuss-isms aside (Happy 103rd Birthday, Dr. Seuss!), this is a skill that Widget has been working on for a month or two now, and it’s one that pleases me to no end.  No matter what else happens, my boy loves to read with me and he loves to count.  That makes me very very happy, and, as a SAHM, it fills our days with something rapidly approaching joy.

I’ve been waiting for the time when he recognizes his numbers well enough to incorporate them into our morning routine.  If I could be absolutely sure that he would remember that “7” is when we get up, I’d put a digital clock in his room tonight, pasting over the minutes, with a direction that when the clock read “7” again he could get up.

Currently, he can get up when it’s light outside.  But sleep is slipping away now that we’re closer to the first day of spring and the sun is rising earlier and earlier.  And of course the frequent night wakings of his baby brother certainly aren’t helping us get extra sleep to compensate.

Last weekend, Widget got up early and crawled into our bed to snuggle.  Whydaddy and I are so tired these days that I’m not even sure it registered consciously with either of us.  Regardless, it was nice.  He asked to “watch, watch, watch tv” but it was so early.  I pointed to the clock and told him that when the clock says “7” we can watch Bob the Builder.  Two minutes later, the chorus of “watch, watch, watch TV” resounded, with the accompanying “seven!” 

I groaned, rolled over, and checked the clock.  6:07. 

 Waaaaah.  But he was right.  I put in a DVD and went back to sleep.


Sooooooo tired!


6 Responses to Seven a.m.

  1. canape says:

    It’s got to be frustrating, but happily so, that he is outsmarting you already 🙂

    Can we have a picture of Whypuppy and Little Bear??? Doubley cuteness!

  2. bon says:

    is it really Dr. Suess’s 103rd birthday? that rocks. just think…you & wee Widget could count to 103! erm…well…maybe not.

    the alarm clock story is cracking me up, btw. can’t argue with a 7, even if it is on the wrong side of the clock!

  3. Damselfly says:

    Hey, you’ve won my prize in the blog party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom! Congratulations! Please contact me at growingalife (at) gmail dot com.

  4. Mrs. Chicken says:

    waaaaaa is right! The Poo just today ended an 11-day nap strike. The babysitter got her to go down, THANK THE LORD. It was like having an infant all over again.

    I hope you get rested soon. And hey, there’s a price to pay for raising a prodigy! 🙂

  5. whymommy says:

    I *totally* didn’t mean to brag that Widget is doing so well or anything — I really was (am?) just exhausted, and this made me laugh! Aren’t all toddlers just adorable and smart like that?

    We just got back from a weekend adventure … more on that later in the week when I catch up on sleep again!

  6. Stacy says:

    I have been reading your blog. I will not pretend to know what you are feeling right now. However, I do know one thing, you are a Mom. Saying that, Mom’s are quite the paradox. We wear our feeling and emotions on the outside. However, we are fighters ! No matter how tired we are we never stop. We are resourceful and fierce. We look at situations and tackle them. We can comfort and defend all at the same time. I guess what I am trying to say is. Pull from all you know about being a Mom and continue to fight. Todd and I love you and we are praying for you. You are a truly special and wonderful person.


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