And Uncles

Little Bear was Christened yesterday.  It was a beautiful service, our family was around us, and the day was really quite perfect.  In a refreshing change, the sun shined all morning and the cool air brought a little briskness to our walk from the car to church and back again.  All four grandparents were present, along with Greataunt Deerwatcher and Uncle Twinsdaddy.  Uncle Twinsdaddy flew in just for the day, as he had left the twins at home with their mom and he needed to get back before they tore the house apart!  They’re good kids, but they’re 18 months old, and … well, go visit LookyDaddy if you doubt the power of twins.

The service was beautiful, and so focused on Little Bear I was really amazed.  Perhaps it’s that we have an older congregation with very few babies, but it was really sweet.  The first hymn was about God and the Whirling Planets; the sermon was about the prodigal son, reminding us that there were TWO brothers in that story, and really the behavior of the older one was no better than the younger one.  Point being that even if we do the right thing and follow the rules our whole life, we must be careful of our jealousy if those who don’t are later forgiven.  The minister also made the point in his sermon that we shouldn’t be so wrapped up in the rules of church decorum that we forget to experience the joy.  (I hope that was a planned statement and not a reaction to Widget’s joy at receiving a new construction truck Matchbox car in the third pew!  Either way, it was sweet.  Almost as sweet as my little baby on his Christening day.  Just look at that little face! and hands!)


Widget loves his grandparents, and he loves his Aunt Deerwatcher, who is very much like a fifth grandparent to him.  His joy at being with Uncle Twinsdaddy yesterday, however, was unparalleled.  They only see each other once or twice a year, so I didn’t expect Widget to even remember him.  However, Uncle Twinsdaddy walked in with a great attitude and won Widget’s heart immediately.  Over the course of the day, they ate together, played music, kicked the ball around, shot hoops, cuddled up, and just generally had a ball.  I think they really got along well, and I’m hoping that we can all get together again soon.

Midafternoon, Widget was so tired (having skipped his nap for the occasion) that he fell asleep in his yogurt.  About six times.  As I was walking over to scoop him up for a late nap, Uncle Twinsdaddy joked with him, saying, “Can’t hang, can you buddy?”  Sleepily, Widget lifted his head, turned towards him, and said in the softest, quietest voice, “I hang.”

Here’s Little Bear and the entire gown.  What a beautiful piece of work!


Little Bear in his beautiful 1890 Christening gown, handsewn by his great-great grandmother, for her son’s Christening.  He didn’t cry.  Little Bear, that is.  We don’t know about our ancestor, as LB’s great-great uncle didn’t have a blog.


3 Responses to And Uncles

  1. Nancy says:

    That Christening gown is breathtaking, and what a sense of history. And a beautiful baby wearing it, to boot!

    Congratulations to the whole family. And kudos to Widget for his valiant attempts at “hanging.”

  2. robbinlynn says:

    How adorable! And what a fantastic link to history!

    I had hoped to pass on my hope chest (belonging to my grandmother) to whoever happened to marry my son. Unfortunately, Katrina stepped in to stop that plan. Material goods are so ephemeral. It’s nice when that tangible link to our past survives and is passed on.

  3. whymommy says:

    Robbinlynn, I’ve been meaning to send you an email and suggest that you send some of your stories to USAToday. They’re looking for Katrina stories right now (I saw in the paper when we were on travel), and yours show a really important perspective — I’d love to see them in print! I’ll send you this via email too ….

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