Driving with baby

In a moment of insanity yesterday, Whydaddy, Widget, Little Bear, and I hopped in the car late yesterday afternoon for a quick hour-plus drive to a nearby outlet mall for some baby clothes shopping.  Little Bear was born conveniently 29 months after Widget, making him effectively … off-season.  Yup, those rubbermaid containers of all Widget’s baby clothes waiting in the nursery for him to grow into them?  Not very useful if the clothes he’s growing into these early days of spring are all of the winter fuzzy-and-fleece variety.

So some shopping was in order.

All went well, we got great clothes (16 pieces for $120!), and we had a lovely dinner out.  Then we buckled Widget into his car seat, tucked Little Bear back into his … and all h*ck broke loose. 


Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Now Little Bear is an easygoing little guy.  Not colicky.  Not trouble.  Just a cool little dude.  Last night, however, he was anything but cool.

We sang to him.  We stopped to change his diaper.  We turned an overhead light on (Widget was afraid of the dark in cars at this age).  We turned it off.  We pulled over to nurse.  We turned on the radio.  We were quiet.  We helped Widget comfort him verbally right along with us. 

And then it hit us.

Every time a car approached us from behind, he cried.

The light was in his eyes. 

A quick adjustment of the sunshade to block out the oncoming headlights and he was all better.

Moral of the story?  When driving at night with an infant for the first time, adjust the sunshade on his baby seat to block out oncoming lights.

Before you start the hour-plus drive home.


For more great (and hopefully less obvious!) tips, head on over to Shannon’s place for Works for Me Wednesday.  I thought this week was the special WFMW, The Car Edition, but apparently I’m not that lucky.

4 Responses to Driving with baby

  1. Eva says:

    Man, what an adorable photo. And a good tip! My son has super-sensitive eyes when it comes to light. Thankfully he has finally figured out how not to be bothered by it (i.e. look the other way, close your eyes) now that he is 5. As a toddler, I had to put towels in the windows or endure constant screaming! Ack!

  2. mcmilker says:

    Great tip- it’s the obvious ones that we are prone to miss!

  3. Great Tip! Number 3 is coming in Sept…I’ll have to remember this!

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