On Partnerships

Some days I feel like I’m cheating at this whole parenting gig.  After all, I have a supportive partner who is a true partner, who has taken time off to raise these kids with me during his (part-time) paternity leave, who cooks the meals, washes dishes, mops the floors, and who is supportive of me in everything that I do.  (Even blogging.  Even blogging when I haven’t gotten anything else productive done that day, except cleaning up after ourselves and helping the children learn.)

Then again, some days I have a day like today, soloing though a messy playdate for eight (plus moms), lunch for four, constructing a rice construction site, working out the details of a birdseed find-a-thing bottle for next month’s playgroup craft, keeping the dog out of said rice, and catching up on the bills, all the while balancing a constantly attached infant (comfort nursing after his first vaccination and his first vomit yesterday) and a toddler learning to somersault (“sault! sault!”) … and I think …. ahhhhhh, not so much.


Little Bear gazing lovingly at Uncle Twinsdaddy.  Who then got to go home to his fancy job and his nice suits.  Nice suits … sans spit-up, even. 


6 Responses to On Partnerships

  1. coolbeans says:

    Are you planning an “I Spy” activity with that birdseed? I made a rice-and-stuff-in-a-bottle toy and I played with it more than the kids did. Because I hogged it. I love those things.

  2. Mom of 3 says:

    You are lucky to have such a supportive partner in your life! Don’t feel guilty, just feel glad!

  3. whymommy says:

    Thanks, Mom of 3! By the way, I have a TV post coming up … I’ve reluctantly fallen for two PBS Kids shows, and I need to ‘fess up!

  4. whymommy says:

    CoolBeans, I sure am! There’s one at the pediatrician’s office that we play with every time, and I think it would be a cool way to play with those little things that are choking hazards on their own but would be ok encased in a plastic bottle of some sort. Say, by recycling a water bottle or baby bottle and glueing on the lid? Would you recommend rice or birdseed? I’d use beads, but they’re expensive for a playdate with a dozen kids and 20 oz each!

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  6. coolbeans says:

    Man, I never checked back. Sorry about that.

    I used a water bottle and rice. I super glued the lid on, but if they try long enough, they can get that lid off. It took them a while, though. Parents just need to check them from time to time.

    If you’ve got both birdseed and rice, I’d say go with whichever is lighter.

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