Today was a beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day here in the DC area.  The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and there was just a bit of briskness in the air.  We spent nearly the whole day outside.

Two walks through the neighborhood, one trip to the park with our friends, and dinner out with Daddy.

 Just about the perfect day.


3 Responses to Today was a beautiful day

  1. Go figure that I wasn’t home today.

  2. Lacey says:

    My boys & I are visiting family in DC next month, and I was wondering if you could share any suggestions on things to do w/ toddlers. I have a 2.5year old and a 16 month old. We are staying w/ friends that live at 421 Decatur St, NW…not sure which area that is?? I plan on going to the zoo…but I am not sure how long they will last at museums. My hubby is going to be in conferences all day at the JW Marriott. Thanks so much!! BTW, I just stumbled on your website while seaching “toddler things to do in DC”.

    Lacey Adams from Indianapolis, IN

  3. whymommy says:

    Welcome, Lacey! I do have some fun suggestions. The first is don’t worry about how long they’ll last at museums — the fantastic part about DC is that the Smithsonian (and many other) museums are absolutely free, so you can just go and see the dinosaurs (for example) or the moon lander and head back to the hotel for nap. Don’t stress about seeing everything — just have some fun and then feel free to leave and maybe come back another day. Or not. Plan on taking the Metro somewhere during your stay if your kids are into trains. It’s helpful if you have at least two adults with the two toddlers, since it can be a madhouse at rush hour (hint: don’t travel at rush hour), but it can be great fun to ride the train together if you’re headed elsewhere in the city. I’ve also heard great things about the tourist tram downtown if you guys want to see the monuments. I haven’t done it myself, though, so YMMV with the kids. You may want to pack up the kids and your friends and head out to College Park, MD, one day and visit the College Park airplane museum. It’s absolutely fabulous for little ones, and it’s a nice unhurried place to unwind for parents and their friends too. Lots of craft activitites as well as big planes to see and space to run around in. There’s even a story hour if you time your visit just right! Click on the “Places to Go” category for more ideas that might sound fun to you — and feel free to come back any time!

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