Sturm und Drang

Sorry for the extended absence from these parts.  It’s been a rather sleepless week around here.  Little Bear is working through his 3 month growth spurt, and it’s making him fussy, fussy.  He eats, he fusses, he tries to sleep … he wakes himself back up … he eats, he fusses, he fusses some more … he’s a very good baby, but something’s got his goat this week!  Just got him and his brother down at the same time for the first time in a week!  (Thanks, Daddy.)

Hopefully he’ll finish learning how to get those fingers in his mouth soon.  Then he will be much happier with himself, I’m sure.

Widget is happy and healthy and zooming all about.  He’s skipped his nap twice this week, but he then fell asleep at the dinner table, so I think he’s not ready to give it up for good yet.  Hooray!

We’ve had a busy week.  Since I’ve last written, we’ve had gorgeous 75′ weather, a thunderstorm, flurries, and a thick coat of crunchy snow here in the nation’s capitol.  All of which (except the first) mean … INSIDE days.  We’ve filled them with playdates and adventures.  On Wednesday, playdate.  Thursday, a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium (see next post for the review).  Friday, a bit of a harried morning, followed by a playdate for Widget and yoga for Little Bear and me, then a trip to the nature center and a stop at the stables on the way home to cap it off.  We saw horses cantering in the ring!  How cool was that!

Then on Saturday, we traveled up to Gramma and Grampa’s house for a visit to the country.  Widget put on his muck boots and went to see cows.  Then in the late afternoon, Widget, Daddy, and Grampa went up to the Fire Station for the regular Saturday tests of the equipment.  They got to ride in the brush truck that Grampa drives, take it in and out of the station, and test all of the bells and whistles.  Daddy even set off the siren!  Widget loved it, and he was sooooooooo tired that night! 

Easter Sunday brought church and visits from family, and then a long ride in the car back home.

But not to worry — we were right back on it this morning as we unpacked, put everything away, and headed off to Moms Club.  What a great time we all had as the kids played chase, hide-and-seek, soccer, and drew pictures with markers and the moms worked on a philanthropy project.  It was relaxing and exciting all at once.  Invigorating, I think.

And finally, finally, we’re all back home and quiet and calm and the house is in decent shape.  So I’m back at the keyboard, updating you guys about life on Toddler Planet.

Oh, the Sturm und Drang?  During the thunderstorm last week, Widget crawled into our bed for comfort.  When I took him back to his room, we watched the lightening flash and thunder roar, and, far from being afraid, Widget delighted in each of the flashes and roars!  After a few flashes that lit up the room with their power, I noticed that Widget had started doing something else (in addition to naming the lightening).  He was counting.  Very studiously, he looked down at his right hand, pointed to each finger in sequence with his left, said, “one. two. three. four. five,” and then he looked expectantly up at the window to hear the thunder roar.  He was counting the distance between the flashes and the sound, just like Daddy showed him during the last big storm.  In September.  Wow. 

Guess they really do soak up everything we say, even before they’re verbal enough to say it too!  These toddlers constantly surprise me, with their caring, their empathy, their teamwork, and their smarts.  We’re loving life on Toddler Planet!

What are your kids up to these days?  What are the latest tricks that shock and amaze you, or even just make you smile?


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