I (heart) nut milk

As a nursing mom with a milk-intolerant infant, my dining choices are, well, limited.  I’ve been told not to drink milk or eat any products with milk proteins in it.  That means no cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream, butter, artificial butter flavor (no kidding!), nougat, sour cream, chocolate, or any breads, cereals, waffles, frozen dinner packets, or other products with any of the following ingredients:  lactose, lactulose, casein, caseinates, rennet casein, and whey.  Oh, and no soy or soy products at all either.  This eliminates 99% of what I used to eat, as well as 80% of the substitutes that I tried to come up with.  I can’t even eat whey-less cereal, since I’d have to put water or (yuck!) OJ on it instead of milk, soy milk, or even rice milk.

But this week I found a wonderful, wonderful product.

Nut milk.

Specifically, Blue Diamond brand almond milk.  It is soy-, whey-, lactose-, and casein-free, has a bit of protein (1/8 that of regular milk, unfortunately), and can go on cereal like it was made for it.

And the taste?  Heavenly.  As my 2 year old son puts it, after he downs a glass of “nut milk” : “tastes (like) ice CREAM!”

Which I also can’t eat.

But nut milk is so yummy, and it gives me the strength I need to wade through days full of play, snacks, learning, and the occasional challenge.  I (heart) nut milk.

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I heart nut milk too!  It doesn’t make me fussy and I’m gaining weight like an elephant baby!  (He weighed 13 pounds, 14 ounces at one day shy of 12 weeks old; 14 pounds, 7 ounces just five days after that!  What a little bear!)


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  1. Bon says:

    ah, i feel your pain. i went through this for a couple of months last summer…and wow, was it hard to find food that i could eat and that didn’t take forever to prepare. i did eventually discover nutmilk at the very end of my milk-free diet…but our store only carried the chocolate kind so i never got brave enough to try it on cereal!

    it certainly looks like Little Bear’s doing beautifully on the diet…it didn’t do so much for O, which was probably part of why i found it so disheartening. he still screamed for hours at a time – eventually i decided that perhaps the “allergy” diagnosis was a bit suspect and went to an osteopath…who treated him for a blocked nerve to his gut and turned him into a different baby. 🙂

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