Infant allergies and diet

Just wrote this to the mom of another fussy baby over at DC Urban Moms, and I wanted to put it out there for all to see.  Maybe it will help some other new mom wondering where to start looking for solutions with possibly diet-induced distress in a nursing infant.

Dear (Fellow Mom),

I have a 3 month old with bad milk allergies … clearly not as severe as you have been expeiencing, but I just talked to our lac consultant again yesterday about it and I wanted to let you know that you can add beans and veggies back IN your diet without fear of increasing his gas.  Gas-inducing foods for mom do NOT cause gas in baby. 

Have you cut out soy?

Here are the top 7 triggers in mom’s diet, in rough order that you should try eliminating them:  milk (and cheese and butter and often fake butter and even breads or other products with lactose, lactolose, casein, whey, etc on the labels), soy, peanuts, tree nuts, corn, wheat, and eggs.  Now, that is a LOT, so please be caeful when you try an elimination diet.  Get enough calories, vitamin D, calcium, and protein.  Adding beans, including black beans and hummus, back in will help.

There IS a non-invasive test for infant allergies.  Although it won’t tell you exactly what is causing the problem, it will tell you when the problem is solved and to look elsewhere for unusual fussiness.  It’s a fecal test, and you may have to take several samples (from the diaper) over the course of a day.  That’s what we’re doing now, on the advice of our pediatrician and lactation consultant.  Hopefully I won’t have to cut out wheat and eggs….

You may also want to go over to Kellymom and read what they have to say … I love that site, and it’s consistently very helpful with information AND links to studies backing the advice they give. 

Best of luck to you guys … the poor little hurting baby….

Sincerely, (me)


3 Responses to Infant allergies and diet

  1. emmeline says:

    This must be so hard on mom and baby alike. I hope your little bear is doing well!

  2. whymommy says:

    Thanks! We’re working through it….

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