Batter up!

My boys are growing up! 

We were so excited by the beautiful weather today that we played outside this afternoon.  Widget drove his little car around, dug in the garden, raked the leaf mulch, rewound the hose, and generally just mucked around, as boys do.  We all hopped on the swings and took a ride up to the sky — even Little Bear, who had his first ride in the baby swing outside, and then on Mommy’s lap.  Widget lay across the red swing next to mine, lazily pushing himself around by his feet while he watched a bug crawl across the ground underneath.  He wound himself up, then lifted his feet and let the swing unwind and gently spin him in circles.  I guess all kids teach themselves to do that eventually.  It was kinda neat, seeing him do such “big kid” stuff.

And then he hit the wiffle ball.  He asked me to pitch to him, so I put down the reference book I was working through and tossed him a couple.  He hit one, midair, as it flew by his bat.  Then another.  Then another.  Granted, I was pitching it pretty much in the sweet spot, but he did it.  He held the bat appropriately, counted to three with me (“Ready, set, goooooooo!”), and gave it a good swing.  The bat connected FIVE times in all, and Whydaddy and I were so proud.  Are so proud.  It’s a new skill, and an outdoors one to boot.

Little Bear, meanwhile, has survived a week that has seen not one, not two, but three instances of dairy consumption.  While Canape was here, I totally pushed the limits and sampled:  (Tuesday) Lobster ravioli in the slightest bit of cream sauce.  (Thursday) Three bites of pizza.  With cheese.  (Friday) A brownie.  A whole brownie.  A chocolate brownie.  The first taste of chocolate I’ve had in eleven weeks.  And Little Bear?  Survived.  Oh, sure, he hasn’t been so wild about sleeping today, much to my chagrin (I had intended on getting a good 10 hours of work done while Daddy watched the boys), but he’s doing well.  We’re all doing well.

My boys are growing up.


Thirteen weeks old!  Laughing, smiling, nibbling on his hands, and rolling over… oh, and tolerating the teensiest tastes of dairy products!  Any day now, he will be asking for his own room….


3 Responses to Batter up!

  1. Thanks for visiting, and delighted to read that dairy is creeping back into your life again 🙂

  2. Bon says:

    oh he’s gorgeous. just gorgeous.

    and isn’t it luscious to have a little dairy after being off it for awhile? i know that many people are wise and diligent and totally anti-dairy for ethical and health reasons that i do respect, but damn…i love me my butter and some ice cream and a little cheese and…

    you get the picture. welcome back to the land of bovine byproducts.

  3. Brooke says:

    So cute so cute SO CUTE!!!

    Wish we were closer and could get the babies together for play dates (ok ok, I really just want to pick your parenting brain, I confess!).

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