National Zoo

Mommy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow / Zoo tomorrow / Zoo tomorrow / Mommy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow / We can stay all day!

Mommy did take Widget to the zoo last week … and Canape took Guy and Lovely … and we had a marvelous time!  I won’t do a full review of the National Zoo here, as there are so many reviews already online, but if you haven’t been to your local zoo lately, all I can say is, why not?


Mmmmm, toddler snacks.  Animal crackers.  Cheerios.  Drop some for me, would you please?

5 Responses to National Zoo

  1. KC says:

    We were at the National Zoo Sunday. And listened to that song on the way down! Despite a nightmare trying to park, I love seeing my daughter’s face when she sees an animal she recognizes. Like witnessing synapses forming. I love the zoo. Even with the smell.

  2. me 4you says:

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  3. Monica says:

    I think you and the tiger probably have a different definition of the phrase “toddler snacks.”

    Enjoy the new panda exhibit!

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