The day after

Man, take one day off, and suddenly there is so much to talk about!  I’ve been a regular almost-daily poster since NaBloPoMo last year, but suddenly I have multiple posts brewing in my mind and I feel I’ve always got too much to discuss!

There’s the Carnival of Family Life #52 over at Parenting Toddlers, the Baby Advice Carnival / Baby Shower at MothergoosemouseMommy War stories in our local paper (what? there’s actually NO Mommy War?  Say it isn’t so!  (ed. note — for all the hooplah, Linda Hirshman has apparently only sold 4,000 copies of her current book exhorting women to leave their babies with someone else and get back to work)) and follow up discussion on its parenting blog, upcoming press conferences at NASA, new reviews over at Review Planet, an upcoming post with 3D images of the sun over at Planet Preschool, and so much more going on just right this very minute!

But right this very minute, I’m sitting in my son’s treehouse as he climbs up to bring me flowers (dandelions) and then slides down to find some more.  The sun is shining, the clouds are puffy and white, and every now and then a soft, gentle breeze floats through the treehouse slats.  Ah, paradise. 

Why am I on the computer instead of down on the grass with him enjoying it?

Good questio


2 Responses to The day after

  1. I have to laugh at your ending there. Well done, Whymommy.

  2. whymommy says:

    Thanks! I really did put the computer away and get down on the grass to play. And again today. All day. It was the best day I’ve had in a long, long time.

    And I sooooo needed it.

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