We (heart) Wallies!

Looking for an easy and fun way to decorate that first “big-kid” room?  We decided to make it a family project to paint and decorate Widget’s new room when he moved out of the nursery, just before his baby brother’s birth day.  First, we painted the walls a deep sky blue.  Then we broke out the Wallies and just had fun!

Wallies are prepasted wallpaper cutouts that affix to any porus surface in minutes.  Pop open the package, soak each piece for 1-3 minutes in a shallow pan of water, place it on the wall, and smooth out the bubbles.  Done!  Easy to apply, and so much fun to do together.  We pasted the entire solar system up on Widget’s East wall!


Airplanes dance across the West wall, the top of his closets, and the door…


and five little trains run around the baseboards.

tiny train

Choo-choo!  Presto, a transportation fantasy room!  And since we bought the Wallies online for just $10 a set ($19 for the entire solar system), it was an easy and inexpensive project to complete.  Works for me!

(The planet decals paid off, by the way — at 31 months, Widget is fascinated by the planets.  He names them before bed and tonight pointed to the farthest one and asked me to tell him a story about Pluto.  Ah, but not just any story about Pluto.  A story about his friends”Sam. Jack. Quinn!“on Pluto!  Too cute!)


3 Responses to We (heart) Wallies!

  1. Nancy says:

    That room looks awesome. My girls’ rooms still look only half done even though we’ve been in our current house for 4 years… 😉

  2. whymommy says:

    Thanks, Nancy! It’s by no means HGTV-ready, but it is a room full of fun, I’ll tell you that!

    After we finished, Daddy and I wanted to move in there too!

  3. canape says:

    The Wallies really do look cool. The trains on the baseboards were very creative, but the planets were my favorite. I thought you had hired a painter to do a mural!

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