I did algebra today!  And not even under a super-secret consulting contract, either.  Check it out at . . if you dare!


2 Responses to Algy-who?

  1. OK, so you are good at math…but we know you don’t know how to clean toasters!

    You could slide out the little drawer underneath, and maybe even try a toothbrush. My toasters usually all break before they become a fire hazard, and then I have to buy a new one. That’s how I clean mine!

    Thanks again! the next time I need a math consult, I will know who to call!

  2. whymommy says:

    Oooh, helpful. Thanks, Mom Unplugged! I do slide out the bottom piece and wash it thoroughly, and wipe down the top and outside well, but there are always little crumbies in the filaments that I can’t get. It irritates me.

    (Hence my outburst on your blog.)

    I am SO over cleaning my kitchen. Yeah, I do it. But I don’t like it.

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