AAP and the TV

just became aware of a report that states that only 9% of parents are aware that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under 2 watch no TV, videos, or DVDs.  To help raise awareness of this recommendation, I’m putting the following banner in my sidebar:

no tv for babies

Now you know.


9 Responses to AAP and the TV

  1. mcmilker says:

    I have to look up that report and out in my two cents.

  2. A says:

    Ugh, so many of my friends let their babies was TV and it annoys the heck out of me.

  3. spacemom says:

    Oh well. Too late. But I have to admit, some of the programs I have let the girls watch are really really good (Zula Patrol)

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  5. motherbumper says:

    I really wish I could live up to that recommendation. I really do but between illness and the lack of a third-arm (that never appeared after giving birth, as promised ;)) – I sometimes resort to the mind-numbing tool. I try to keep it off but sometimes…

  6. whymommy says:

    Don’t beat yourself up over it! I had to do TV with my almost-2 year old last fall, when I was on bed rest for so long ….

    The important part is that you know that TV and DVDs aren’t *required* to raise a Brainy Baby Einstein. In fact, babies learn so much more from playing and interacting with adults and siblings — even if it’s just hanging out in the sling, “helping” us do laundry and other household chores while we talk to them.

    And thank goodness for that!

  7. bon says:

    i’ve tried a few dvds for O now and then when i was at my wits’ end and desperately needed fifteen minutes to get something done, but he’s not terribly interested in them.

    a part of me is very happy about this. a part of me is ashamed not to be.

    but i do think it’s better overall that he stay off the screen crack as long as possible…which is why the fact that his new sitter (which he starts next week, and who seems lovely and nurturing) has two giant screen tvs in her house. she said “no tv” but i am suspicious…

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