Changing times, part two

Upon arrival, I realized that my little yellow dress, although perfect for the occasion and pefect for showing off my not-so-postpartum figure a teensy bit, was terribly ill-suited for the quick pumping session that I’d anticipated before the event began and again as needed.  As I’d be away from home for nearly 5 hours, this posed a problem.  A big problem.

Actually, two problems. 

Two problems I wouldn’t be able to hide.

And so it was that at 5:25, instead of standing in a finely decorated reception area, elegantly balancing a glass of wine and talking to the Associate Administrator, I found myself standing in a tiny bathroom stall, decorated with wisps of paper, rather inelegantly balancing my purse, a manual pump, and my dress around my hips, talking to my infant son on my cell phone.

Ah, motherhood. 

The event itself, while a somewhat routine meet-and-greet for the crowd of usuals, was a lovely respite for this overworked mother at home, and it reminded me just how much I used to love my job.  The dinners, the cocktails, deals made and deals broken — all of this was part of my pre-baby life, and I found tonight that I missed it a bit.

But as I drove home, eager to see my little boys and my wonderful, adoring, supportive husband, I realized that if I went back now, I would miss this time with them so much more.

But perhaps I would find another occasion to wear that little yellow dress.

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5 Responses to Changing times, part two

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  2. Stimey says:

    There’s nothing like engorgement or leakage to remind you that you’re a mom. Rock on for being a mom AND a person; it may be awkward sometimes, but that’s what makes life interesting. And absurd.

  3. Mrs. Chicken says:

    It does feel good to be a person, too, sometimes, doesn’t it?

    Good for you.

  4. Women are truly amazing multi-taskers. Congratulations! By the way, your post brings back fond (well, not really) bathroom pumping moments from my past.

  5. whymommy says:

    Interesting. And abusurd. Indeed — you nailed it, Stimey!

    (I can’t believe I posted all this on the internet.)

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