Out with the old!

After the epiphany-in-the-car that I wrote about yesterday, I was inspired to take action.  (I will wear that little yellow dress again — I will!)  I woke up the next morning resolved to go shopping.

I know, I know, what else is new in the world of mommyblogs?  But you have to believe me when I say that this is not a common event around our house.  My outfits of late have been more from the Functional Playdate line than the Wow, I Feel Cute In This collection.  And nothing says fun like functional.  So, I called in the troops, bought myself an hour with my closet, and went to work.

Maternity clothes?  Banished.

Yoga pants?  Burned.

Favorite t-shirts from college?  The rag bag.  Most of them.

Sweaters that I haven’t worn since my personal thermostat changed post-birth?  Donated.

Hilfiger jeans that I bought to celebrate my post-Widget body but now fall down around my hips?  In the to-go bag.

Giant nursing tops from the last go-round?  Out.

Comfy PJs?  In.  Are you kidding me?  Comfy PJs are always in.  I so totally kept those in the rotation.  But I did swear to wear them only at night.

All told, I filled 4 large white bags of clothes for the local clothing ministry, and another 2 of things I wouldn’t give my little brother to wear.  Hurrah!  Clutter and ill-fitting clothes, gone from my life.

The next day, I went shopping.  Armed with Susan’s list of essentials, I worked the aisles of my local department store, picking up 2 cute tops, 1 polo shirt (I couldn’t decide if they were in style at all, but it makes me look skinny and I found it in red), 2 pairs of skinny jeans (just in time for them to go out of style, I’m sure) in a dark wash, 2 pairs of these shorts but with a cuff, a gorgeous long swirly skirt in black, summer slides, and even a bit of perfume.  It was an amazing couple of hours, and, I have to say, there was something different about shopping this time.

I didn’t feel awkward or fat.

Why?  I wish I could tell you.  I wish I could lay it out here for all to read, to say that my self-esteem was bucked up by the recent upturn in my business, or the fact that I’m beginning to acept myself as a perfectly good mother, or even that we’ve had grandparents visiting and I felt comfortable leaving my boys in (so many pairs of) good hands.  I wish I could put it into words, or bottle it so that I could open it anytime I wished, and, with a quick whiff, feel good about myself and my body again.  But I can’t.  All I can say is that it was a success.

And in my new clothes, I feel like I’m a success too.


9 Responses to Out with the old!

  1. Robbin says:

    Oooh. I need to do that. My clothes consiste of a hodgepodge of stuff that was either donated to me after Katrina, or purchased bargain-basement because we hadn’t got the insurance settlement. Most are too big, and most are definitely NOT me. I need a major purge and shopping trip.

  2. Bon says:

    this was a great post on what sometimes get dismissed as a superficial topic, but really isn’t. how we feel about ourselves matters. a lot. you did a beautiful job of pointing out that clothes are not just cute coverings.

    i went shopping yesterday too, and did some closet cleaning when i got home. and it felt good. and i feel rather pretty today, i must say.

    glad you do too. 🙂

  3. I am so impressed, hooray for you! My sister keeps saying: “Why do you always look like a mess? It is just as easy to get up in the morning and put on something nice!”

    She is right, but I still end up in my baggy (but comfy) jeans and stretched out tops. I do shop from time to time, but then I never wear any of it. If you figure out how to bottle that “feeling” please let us in on the secret!

  4. ooh, it’s like *what not to wear*!

    that must feel so great — congrats.

    i myself need to lose around 20 pounds before i’ll feel pretty in clothes.

    but hey — it’s better than 30 pounds! 😉

  5. canape says:

    PJ’s only at night? But you got rid of your yoga pants. I’m confused. Whatever will you wear to yoga??? PJ pants???

    You know, I have a black skirt with a drawstring. Does that make it a pajama skirt 😉

  6. Susan says:

    I LOVE to hear things like this. Good for you!

    I’m so proud.

  7. whymommy says:

    Hey, after 7 months bed rest, I am SO done with yoga pants. And pajama pants (after 8 a.m).

    Susan is proud of me. That makes me glow. Thanks, all! And if you’re in D.C. and up for a shopping trip, let’s go together!

  8. SeaBird says:

    My wardrobe has just undergone a similar overhaul now that the boys’ GERD is gone and I can get through an entire day wearing only one outfit! I even got a red polo, too!

  9. whymommy says:

    Then they’re definitely in style! Thanks for the encouragment!

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