What brought you here

While contemplating a big-think post on baby development, toddler joy, or family struggles, I happened to check my site stats and decided to do a meta-post instead.  Here are a few of the latest inbound searches to Toddler Planet, in hopes that they make you chuckle:

“things to do in dc with a toddler” — I get tons of these every day.  Also “Maryland toddler fun,” “Baltimore activities for kids,” and “Virginia places to go with a baby.”  Hallelujah, and I’ll see you around the parks and museums.

“toddler giving up nap” — Hi there!  What did you do about it?  I can get my toddler to nap now — if I sit there with him and work or blog on my laptop like Looky Daddy suggested.  What works for you?

“great playdate ideas” — Thanks!

“kid friendly solar system” — Ah, it is.  Mostly.  Except for those nasty arid environments on Mercury and Venus.  And the ice on the outer planets.  And the sun … it’s a little hot.  But of all the solar systems astronomers have discovered to date, this is definitely the most kid-friendly solar system.

“waterpainting for beginners” — Um, I think you should try searching for “watercoloring for beginners” instead, unless you’re doing waterpainting on a dusty chalkboard like my 2 year old.

“toddler t-ball in New Jersey” — No ideas, sorry.

“diaper under the bed to conceive” — Say WHAT?

“101 things to do with a toddler” — I hope I’ve posted that many over the last 9 months!  I certainly feel like we’ve done 101 things … just this week! 

No matter how you got here, welcome.  Feel free to look around a while, and to buzz over to Review Planet for my opinions on books, toys, baby gear, breastfeeding stuff, and whatever else happens to catch my eye or arrive in my mailbox.  We’re back from our trip and I’ll be putting together some more thoughtful posts shortly.

Edited to add:  P.S.  I just noticed that my hit counter will roll over 20,000 this weekend… if you all come back and visit again, of course.  I try not to get wrapped up in things like that, but I admit, sometimes I do.  I like to have company out here on Toddler Planet.


4 Responses to What brought you here

  1. Congratulations for 20,000 hits [almost]

    I’ll visit later, of course ;p

  2. Karen says:

    Hee hee. It’s strange how people find us bloggers. Here’s a recent list of our top hits:
    Of course, “What is death by poison like?” is my favorite! 🙂
    Found you through CoFL.

  3. whymommy says:

    Wow — funky list, Karen! I enjoyed stopping by your site today — thanks!

  4. So funny! I have noticed some weird ones too and was planning a Thursday 13 of the best. That “diaper under the bed to conceive” one is pretty odd. So far the favorite for my blog is: “why does my cockatiel pick my nose.” Whaaaat???

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