New diet

Whymommy is on a new diet and behavior modification program.  It was just too hard to stop after-dinner snacking and relaxing with a movie, TV show, or a good book before bed.  Now, thanks to my new program, I don’t have to worry about being tempted by any of these diversions!

I’m on the popular HATT NAFA diet.  That’s right.  I Have A Toddler That Needs Assistance Falling Asleep.  Every. Night.  Every night, from 8 to 10, I sit in his dark room and work, reassuring him every two to three minutes that 1) I am here. 2) There are no thunderstorms. 3) I will keep him safe.  The bedtime ritual that has served us so well for the first 2.5 years of his life (5 minute countdown to bed, 2 stories, 1 prayer) no longer works. At. All.  If I leave after said ritual, or if Daddy attempts to perform any part of it, much much screaming ensues.  And since I have (oh so wisely) placed Widget’s bed just on the other side of the wall of Little Bear’s crib, said screaming wakes up the whole household. Each. And. Every. Time.  I’m not opposed to cry-it-out.  Once. Twice. Three times, as we did when Widget was 11 months old, before he got the message.  But this is something different.  The child is genuinely terrified of thunderstorms.  And since they arrived soon after Little Bear, and we did have some really bad ones for a while there, I can understand why.

But he knows that I will keep him safe.  And he wants me to remind him that I am here.  And I am not so cold-hearted as to deny him that.

So for now, I sit, in the dark, doing review work and reading bloglines, and reassuring my toddler that more than anything




and I will always keep him safe.

This post was submitted to the Carnival of Family Life, hosted this week at Down With the Kids.  Lots of great writers and fun vignettes over there … go see!


6 Responses to New diet

  1. Pilgrim Mom says:

    I find it funny that I’m reading your post, in my kids’ room, in the dark, waiting for them to fall asleep, while trying to feel my way on the keyboard. Glad to have company! 🙂

  2. I like the way you express how much you love him ;p. I am touched.

  3. Mrs. Chicken says:

    I am also on this plan – however, I am still snacking. Strange …

  4. whymommy says:

    You know, with all of us keeping our kids company as they fall asleep by the light of the laptop, we could really accomplish something …

    Oh, right, — we are!

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