Soy in baby cereal?

What kind of (adjective and noun deleted, upon reflection and reminders to myself that this is a Kind Blog) puts soy lecithin in rice cereal for infants?!?!

Sorry that I never posted content on the kindergarten issue, but the last few days have been pretty rough.  Little Bear, in desparate attempt to keep his little hands from reaching out and grabbing my lasagna (okay, spaghetti without cheese, but it sounds so drab) at dinnertime, has begun rice cereal.


I know, nobody cares.  But I do — and there’s a cute picture at the end if you keep reading.

Here’s the point.  Little Bear, like so many of his little friends, is allergic to dairy and soy (and peanuts and corn — but who’s counting?).  I’ve been on an elimination diet since January and haven’t had a bite of the forbidden foods (intentionally) since then. 

And then, I fed him soy.  Directly. 

Oh, I so did not mean to do that. 

Yes, I read the ingredient list.  Yes, I saw soy lecithin listed (at the very end, people!).  But I swear, I had read that many soy-allergic people don’t react to just the lecithin part.  And it was listed at the very end, so there couldn’t be much in it, right?  My beloved nut milk even has soy lecitin in it (as one of the last ingredients) and it seems to be okay….

This was so not okay.

But he’s slowly recovering, and I have thrown the box away.  I also found that Earth’s Best rice cereal doesn’t use soy at all — it’s just rice and an ingredient I can’t pronounce (an emulsifier).  If this doesn’t work I’m going to have to cook and pulverize the rice myself.

rice cereal

But look at that happy face!  Joy, I tell you — sheer joy! 

5 Responses to Soy in baby cereal?

  1. canape says:

    Wow, he’s such a big boy now.

  2. NYfriend says:

    It might not be the soy lecithin, it could be the rice itself. Rice cereal is often constipating for babies, as are bananas, another typical “first food.” But think of the BRAT diet. Avocados make a great first food! Not only are they very nutritious, baby can feed himself and explore this new venture. 🙂

  3. Bon says:

    poor little bubs. he’s got such an open, delightful face.

    i must say i’m impressed that you’ve been so diligent about the elimination diet for five long months…i did it for three and found it really, really challenging and might actually have stopped nursing had O’s problem not been resolved (turned out it wasn’t an allergy, for which i’m grateful).

    the level of allergies is pretty astounding though, and i wonder how much all the cross-pollination of foods has to do with it?

  4. coolbeans says:

    I was going to say the same thing about avocados. We did Earth’s Best cereals (had to have it special ordered – no one was carrying it here!) and avocados for first foods.

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