The WhyFamily spent Father’s Day together, just being ourselves.  We had a relaxing morning alternating eating, playing, and eating again.  We made plans for a family barbecue in the evening.  We called Granddad and Paw-Paw and wished them Happy Father’s Day.

Then we all jumped in the car and went to go spend a few hours at a farm in the suburbs.  The kids napped on the drive, Whymommy hopped out for a quick errand while Whydaddy drove around to give the kids just a few more minutes of naptime, and then we arrived at the farm.  Just in time for the last few minutes of strawberry picking season.

It was lovely.

There weren’t many fruits left on the plants, but we filled our bellies and then bought baked goods and a pie at the farm store.  Oh, and we picked sweet peas, and Widget discovered the delight of eating fresh peas right out of the pod.  He’s been doing it ever since.  It makes me smile and remember long summer days sitting on my grandmother’s porch eating freshly shelled peas right out of the pod, and temporarily putting the pods in an old wooden bowl she kept in her kitchen.  Widget and I put the peas in that same bowl when we got home on Sunday, and we have been nibbling at the peas ever since.

But my WFMW tip is for enjoying those very last strawberries from the fields, or the slightly less-appetizing imported ones that fill the grocery store shelves year-round.  My mom-in-law taught me last week a fantastic way to prepare strawberries quickly for toddlers too young to eat around the stems — just take a disposable plastic straw, insert it into the tip of the strawberry, and aim for the green stem.  Push the straw all the way through, and presto!  The strawberry is cored!  No more icky white parts, and no green stem!  I cut the strawberry in half first, to waste less and make smaller, less-chokable pieces … but I loved her tip and thought of you all immediately!  Works for me!


Mmmmmmm…. Gramma’s shortcake was delicious too.


9 Responses to Straw-berries!

  1. That’s a great idea. One which I’d love to try, if only my kids would ever agree to even try a strawberry. Sigh… We’re all about apples and bananas over here.

  2. Ellen says:

    A straw to core strawberries…I’m excited.

  3. Cara says:

    Great idea! Mmm, I wish we had fresh strawberries over here. Wonder if they grow in Montana?

  4. amyswandering says:

    A friend of mine gave me this tip for pitting cherries, but I never thought about using it for strawberries. Thanks!

  5. jpslauen says:

    good one! My daughter LOVES strawberries…I’ll remember this 🙂

  6. Strawberries, strawberries
    What a delight
    What a great tip
    I’ll try this tonight!

  7. MC Milker says:

    Great idea- fun for older kids too- they can use the straw themselves!

  8. whymommy says:

    MC Milker, that sounds great! I am envious….

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