Mom-in-law is great!

My mom-in-law is doing great! Her surgery went really well yesterday; they think they got it all and she’ll be starting radiation soon.  Thanks for the kind thoughts.

I saw the doctor today myself.  The doctor, the nurse practitioner, and all kinds of people in radiology.  Something funny is going on, but there’s no diagnosis yet.  I have a biopsy scheduled for Monday morning.  More later.


4 Responses to Mom-in-law is great!

  1. So glad about your MIL.
    Now I’m just hoping to hear news similarly positive about you.

  2. I’m so glad the news about your MIL was so positive. I hope your news is equally so.

    Thinking of you.

  3. lifewiththeothers says:

    Whoo hoo for the MIL! I’m sure radiation will be a breeze for her! It’ll be over before she knows it!

  4. bon says:

    ditto everything that Slouching Mom said…i’m so glad your MIL’s okay. and i’m thinking of you and hoping for positive news, and soon. 🙂

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