And more thanks

Team WhyMommy.  Who would have thought?  There is a great swelling of moms (mostly moms) in the blogosphere who are banding together to support me through this, and I thank you.  You guys are so totally cool, and you’re keeping me not only distracted but in good spirits.

There are local angels too.  My playgroup, who I’ve mentioned before, and who I love, is bathing me in happiness and good thoughts and offers of help.  They’ve sent over a contact list of people willing to help any way, any time.  They’re going to bring me meals.  Play with my children.  Get me out of the house.  They are awesome.

On the Fourth of July, we had a barbecue.  I was hesitant to hold it, because I’ve been so tired and all that, but we went ahead with it.  WhyDaddy grilled burgers and dogs.  Grammy cut up vegetables and changed diapers and set out food.  Grampa opened the door to greet everyone (it’s up a flight of stairs, so exhausting for me) and sat by the door “to put ’em back in play” if kids started to wander out.  They all encouraged me to just sit down and enjoy myself.  And so I did.

It was the most wonderful barbecue.  The whole playgroup came.  Every last one of them.  And even almost all the dads.  One stayed home to clean house (kudos, dude!) and the other was caring for a napping baby.  We had thirty-six friends here on Wednesday.  Although I didn’t ask them to, they all showed up with something to help, too.  Watermelon cubes, potato salad, cucumber salad, patriotic jello cake, sodas, decorations, crafts, and three kinds of cupcakes — they even brought plates and napkins and forks and little flags for the kids.

They took my breath away.

And then, out came the t-shirts.  The most beautiful t-shirts I’ve ever seen.  Pale pink, with a hot pink design on the front that looked just like that very cool Team Whymommy logo over on the side over there.  Everyone had one.  And there was one for my mom.  One for my hubby.  And one for me.

I am beside myself with gratitude.

And even before I could get this letter typed (but not before I sent out the pictures to all concerned!), they were at it again. 

This morning, as we were tossing a dirty diaper into the garage trashcan, we were greeted with a huge pink bag of love.  And support.  And brownies.  The girls had made me a chemo care package — magazines, lotions, caramel corn bubble bath, suduku, crosswords, yoga magazine, fluff magazines, trivia game, a ball for my kids to toss around, and a great big floppy straw hat.  And brownies.  Did I mention brownies?  Yum.

The bag was decorated with happy, uplifting messages, like “Chemo-Schemo.” “What Chemo?  I’m just going to get my hair done!” “Is it time for a massage?  Of course it is!” and then this:

Articles of Faith of Team WhyMommy:

  • You are not alone
  • We believe in you!
  • You are so strong!!
  • You are the strongest!!!
  • Your body and spirit are invincible!!!!
  • Every day is a great day! 

Team WhyMommy, playgroup friends, blogfriends, and family:  thank you.  You are helping me make it through this. 

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  • 25 Responses to And more thanks

    1. twithhoney says:

      You definitely have a strong, supportive group of friends and family surrounding you. That chemo care package sounds fabulous!!!

      Praying that every bite of those brownies helps to strengthen your spirit as much as your taste buds. 😉

    2. Bon says:

      dude, i am so glad you’ve got people, all over and right there live and in person, giving you love and support. and brownies…i personally think brownies are balm for the soul, and i hope every bite makes you feel good.

      in fact, i may just go eat a brownie in solidarity. 🙂

      this Team Whymommy stuff could get dangerous…we’ll all stuff ourselves with brownies and gain forty pounds. oh yeh. i’m in.

    3. Jenn says:

      Brownies? No one told me about the brownies…

      I’m so glad that you are finding strength and support here.

      You are as much of an inspiration to us as we are to you.

      Now go eat those brownies. And don’t forget to zap them in the microwave and toss some ice cream on top.

    4. Emily says:

      Were there nuts in the brownies? Details, I want details!

    5. canape says:

      I think we all eat brownies in solidarity. Great idea, Bon!

    6. practiceliving says:

      The rallying of family, friends, and bloggers around you is so amazing. With love, brownies and trashy magazines, you can do anything!

      Also – caramel corn bubble bath? That exists outside of my fantasy world?

    7. Kami says:

      Who knew…friends, pink, mags, and caramel popcorn bubble bath = ass kicked cancer?

    8. KillerBoob says:

      the BBQ sounds wonderful. I have lovely images of a fun day of family and friends. cheers to that!

    9. Jacquie says:

      “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
      Mahatma Gandhi

      I have been looking at quotes and have found some nice ones, hope you don’t mind.

    10. Nancy says:

      I shall eat several brownies in solidarity. Sounds very fabulous.

      And goodness, so do your playgroup friends. 🙂

    11. Jennifer says:

      Yeah! I love brownies!

      I’m happy you’ve got so much support!

    12. christine says:

      these women, they are amazing. as are you. hang tough, chica.

    13. Yeah for friends and mommies. 😉 Daddies, too.

    14. Jennie says:

      Good for you! I know you’ll beat the cancer- and we’ll be praying for you and supporting you (even those of us only in the blogosphere) the whole way!

    15. I fell onto this website quite by accident. I am truly impressed by your obvious strength of character. Good luck and Congrats for having such wonderful friends and family.

    16. katy says:

      What a great group of friends you have. I know they will keep your spirits high and we who are far away will do our best to help from afar.

    17. NYfriend says:

      What an terrific playgroup you have! The BBQ and care package sound just perfect. 🙂

    18. ohamanda says:

      Awesome! I’m so happy you have such a great core of people around you!

    19. Aimee says:

      I’m late, as usual, but here nonetheless. I am SO on your side in this fight, even though you don’t know me from Eve. I know you will come through this stronger than ever, and I am looking forward to the day you post about being cancer-free!!! Joined Team WhyMommy and was proud to do it 🙂

    20. Amy says:

      My sister works with a woman who was complaining about a jello cake recipe one time – she said that it had turned out terribly because she couldn’t figure out how to poke the holes for the jello. No matter what she did, they kept filling in!

      She was trying to poke the holes before she baked the cake!

      Fast forward – my sister took a coconut “poke” cake in to the school where she teaches first grade, and the same colleague said, “Wow, this is really good, is it hard to make?” and Megan deadpans, “Yeah, you have to poke holes.” Priceless!

    21. whymommy says:

      Amy, that is so something I would do without thinking about it. Too funny!

      Thanks for the chuckle.

    22. Ally says:

      I now declare brownies as the official dessert of Team WhyMommy! I’m with Canape, we will now commence eating the brownies as a show of our solidarity with you… 🙂

    23. MammaLoves says:

      Hmmm. Any team with an official dessert is definitely the team I want to be on.

      Now I know where all the cool kids are.

    24. PunditMom says:

      I haven’t had a chance to write a post yet, but my best and most positive thoughts are with you. And the button is up on my site!

    25. rachel says:

      Absolutely fabulous and inspiring. You are obviously an amazing woman, because you attract those like you and they sound amazing.
      God Bless you.

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