Thank you

You are all awesome.  Really awesome.  You are helping me through this.  And yes, I can tell.  The other night, I woke up at 1:30 in the morning and felt alone and scared.  I lay there for a few minutes, and then I felt the most incredible reassurance wash over me, and suddlenly I was okay again.

I know it was one of you.  Or maybe more than one of you.  Or maybe God just remembering one of your prayers.

What I’m trying to say is … thanks.

And now, if you’ve got a prayer left in you, would you say one for my new friend Kim over at The Merits of The Case?  She’s having surgery tomorrow morning and then radiation all next week.  She’s been fighting breast cancer a little longer than me … but not much!


14 Responses to Thank you

  1. NYfriend says:

    I think the whole Planet is vibrantly buzzing with people thinking of you. You are enveloped by people who care about you. 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    Thank you.

    For being such an inspiration to so many of us.

    And you are right.

    You are not alone, not for one minute.

    We are all here, looking out our windows, thinking of you.

  3. OvaGirl says:

    Hey I’m sending healing vibes from country NSW in Australia so god knows what time of the day or night THEY get through…stay strong and breathe deep and know that you are in so many people’s thoughts.

    I wouldn’t know you from a bar of soap (well actually, maybe i would, like if there was a police lineup and there was you and a Bar of Soap and I had to pick the whymommy)but I want you to get through this, I believe that you will, and I’m crossing whatever I can cross to help that happen.

  4. claire says:

    i too had to wean my baby cold turkey – our last feed was the morning I left him to go and have my first chemo. all to do with looking forwards with hope, though. and now i can look back a little – with acceptance – as i look over at a feisty 4 y/old.
    hang in there – and if you wake in the middle of the night, well some of us are awake too in other time zones – and sending positive thoughts your way.

  5. christine says:

    dude, thanks for sharing yourself with us–we are privileged. take care

  6. Jana says:

    Your story, even in this short time, has spread all around the world (literally… we’re talking Africa knows about you. You have probably missed Antarctica, though, it being unpopulated and all…)

    I think of you just about every day. I don’t know you, but I hope for you. I pray for you, and I don’t usually pray. Women, mothers…we are all sisters, and we’ll hold strong for you, even when you feel too tired to fight.

  7. Emily says:

    You know, my kids wake me up around 6:30. In London. Which means 1:30 your time. Maybe I was thinking of you. Or maybe you were actually willing them to go back to sleep.

  8. clifford says:

    Alone? Bwahahahaha. You funny.

    (in best Wayne voice) As if!

  9. We are ALL in this together, Whymommy– every single second of every single day. And you also represent ALL women out there who are fighting this disease with everything they have. You are raising our awareness, you have our admiration, and our utmost thanks for inspiring us, and Showing Us How It’s Done.

    We all love you!!

  10. That’s just how we all were hoping you’d feel.

  11. Kim says:

    I need to add my own thank you to all of your wonderful supporters who have dropped by to say hi and to wish me luck with my surgery. I am amazed at the amount of support you have. I would love to talk with you privately…if you are comfortable with it, would you send me your e-mail address? Mine is

  12. margalit says:

    I’m a proud Team WhyMommy supporter. My best friend went through bc last year and I was the person holding her hand throughout it all. She’s fine, hair grown back, although curly instead of wavy, she’s back at work full time, but she’s still tired. The tired stuff is the hardest to bear, especially when you’ve got kids who need you to be there for them. I’m so glad you’ve got a team behind you and a partner who is supportive. That will really help in your recovery!

  13. whymommy says:


    I’m the one who’s not the bar of soap.

    With the solar panel on my head powering the cancer fighting machine.

    I’m now tickled. Seriously tickled. And yes, Lawmom, I’ve been enjoying your site and will email you directly right away!

  14. Ally says:

    Oh, this is so great. That is exactly the wave of peaceful assurance that I’ve been praying for you. Peace, peace, peace to you and your family. And a big healing hand on you!

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