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WhyMommy.  It seems like a self-indulgent cry now, in this weird new cancer context, but it isn’t.  It’s my fondest wish.  For a year now, I have waited eagerly to hear my children ask, “Why, Mommy?” one or a hundred times a day.  The question is the embodiment of toddlerhood and preschoolness, and I am eager to enter those days of higher reasoning with my boys.

We’re starting.  In the morning, Widget climbs into our bed to cuddle when he wakes up.  The last few days, as we wait for the clock to read 6:00, he has asked, “Talk to me.”  So we talk, a bit, about the sky, or the trees, or the birds that we see and hear out the window, as we wait for the day to begin. 

This morning, he asked to talk about the sky.  So we did.  I asked him questions to spark his thinking.  What color is the sky? “Sky is white.”  Why is the sky white? (Ever-hopeful, I’ve been asking HIM why questions for months, but I’ve not been totally sure it gets through.)  But today, he said “Because there are clouds.”  YEAH!  HE GOT IT!

And then at breakfast, near the end of spooning 9 ounces of formula/milk/cereal into Little Bear’s mouth, we had another breakthrough, but even sweeter.  Little Bear was protesting a minute delay while I mixed more cereal, and Widget said “Bear cry.”  Yes, Bear is crying.  “Bear sick?”  No, Bear’s not sick.  He’s just crying.  Sometimes babies cry.  “Oh.”  Widget, do you know why babies cry?

“Because they need their moms.”

Yes.  Yes, they do.  Little one, you do understand.  And, day by day, I’m beginning to understand too.


16 Responses to Widget Answers Why

  1. christine says:

    oh, you! they are so precious, aren’t they?

  2. Jenn says:

    We’re at the “mom”? “mom”. “mom”!! stage.

    Can hardly even wait for the why’s.

  3. Susan K says:

    Child number 1 never really went through a “why” phase. 😦 I had been looking forward to it too! Not that she isn’t curious… strange. Maybe number 2 (who we’ve gone from calling “High Maintenance” to “Drama Queen”) will.

  4. imstell says:

    I despaired that B would EVER quit asking “why?” and “what’s that?”… With #2, D, not being able to see, there is not sweet pointing to objects and demanding “wat dat?” So we volunteer. Now, in the middle of the night a car alarm goes off and the whole house is awakened by D singing “Dats a ca-ar!”

  5. Mad Hatter says:

    Miss M tears a strip off me every time I ask her a “why” or a “how” question. Silly me for not realizing that she is not at that place yet. I must admit that I am looking forward to the why stage as much to get answers for myself as to dispense them. And that is what your Widget has done for you.

    Thinking of you, Mad.

  6. Daisy says:

    Great post. Heartfelt and priceless. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your precious ones.

  7. amanda says:

    So sweet. What a beautiful post!

    Always praying for you.

  8. canape says:

    What a precious little boy.

  9. Damselfly says:

    You’re teaching him right! 😉

  10. Lovely. What a great answer to why babies cry. He caught the essence of it, didn’t he!

  11. ~JJ! says:

    Oh Mommy! You have me crying…


  12. Kristin says:

    I keep rereading this. It’s beautiful.

  13. Ally says:

    Sheesh, you took a piece about little ones asking why and made me cry. And here I’m annoyed with the why stage half the time…

  14. Jennie says:

    DV says, “what’s this mommy?” his favorite new phrase/phase…

  15. Robbin says:

    That is so incredibly beautiful.

  16. […] Today was the day I’ve been waiting for.  Today, my little Widget asked Why.  Not just once, but many, many times in quick succession and in response to my answers.  Today is the day I’ve been waiting for. […]

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