Props to Moodswinging Mommy

Props to Moodswinging Mommy today, who kicked off some Makeover Monday Madness this week with a big feature on IBC and Team WhyMommy! She’s issuing a challenge to all her readers this week to join Team WhyMommy and get OFF THE COUCH and do their breast self-exams! She’s even got a Mr. Linky up over there, to make it easy for you to tell her when you’ve done it. Now that’s genius. If only I’d set up a Mr. Linky, I wouldn’t be chasing you all over the blogosphere searching for your posts. πŸ™‚

Point being, if you haven’t done it, go visit Moodswinging Mommy today, or grab my original text, post it on your blog or send it to your friends, and let us know that you’ve done your part to spread the word about this nasty little breast cancer that spreads and kills — without a lump. I’ll wait here while you do it, and then I’ll post your name and link on my blog (and Canape‘s) after you’re done.

Here’s a great list of a dozen other bloggers who spread the word about inflammatory breast cancer this week. Hurrah for them all!

Babble – August 19 and August 20:

DC Moms Blog – August 19:

Cancer.MedTrials – August 19:

It’s a Goat’s Life – August 20:

The Goldston Family – August 22:

Velveteen Mind – August 22:

Cheese Whiz and Mustard – August 23:

Adventures in Life and Knitting – August 23:

Contentment Acres – August 23:

Rimarama – August 24:

Moodswing Mommy – August 27:

Mom Chatter – August 27:


15 Responses to Props to Moodswinging Mommy

  1. amanda says:

    I think there is a hiccup in the Canape link.


  2. whymommy says:

    Thanks, Amanda — fixed it!

  3. Stimey says:

    Props to WhyMommy. Look what you started!

    I hope you’re feeling okay. I’m thinking about you.

  4. ohamanda says:

    Yay! I’m on my way over to check her out!

  5. MammaLoves says:

    Glad DC Metro Moms did it. I was going to go make sure we had the button up over there.

  6. BetteJo says:

    So glad about the chemo working! I’m doing better than a self exam, so I am recusing myself from that. But I will keep my WhyMommy button until you WIN!!

  7. I have copied your post to my site.
    Thank you for the information…you are an inspiration.
    Blessings to you and your family,

  8. Aimee says:

    I have added the link to my brand new blog. You are one of the reasons I am blogging now…I am inspired by your this is my life, I am living it attitude. Thank you…and keep on with the battle.

  9. Aimee says:

    i think i read you’re a member of the A-list? if so, then you probably got news today that Patti’s daughter Tina passed away. i don’t know how long you’ve been connected with the small IBC community on the internet, but losing Tina is a pretty big deal (to me anyway). but just in case you get ruffled at stuff like that (is still do), remember there are others out here that are still here. we don’t all die from this horrible disease!

  10. magnetobold says:

    Finally got around to putting your post on my blog. Thankyou so much for doing this you are truly an inspiration. I am pretty new to blogging so I hope I did it right!

  11. Mcveay says:

    im 25 and i have a lump under my armpit. it has been there with no changes since april. i initially thought it was from breast feeding and now i think its a lymph node. ive never really been big on breast exams. but now i check for changes every month. i has my annual with my doctor 2 months ago and he didnt say anything about it. and i didnt either because i am to scared.

  12. NoRegrets says:

    Hope you are doing ok.

  13. twithhoney says:

    Wow! The word is really getting around. You may be feeling miserable and exhausted but you’re getting more accomplished through this blog than I do at work everyday.

  14. I put your story on my blog – Hope to help get the word out! Thank you for your passion.

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