Toe Fuzz

Toe Fuzz. Neck cheese. Vaccinations. Oh, the joys of motherhood.

But The New Girl makes it all sound wonderful. If you haven’t yet, you simply must read her ode to babyhood. When I read this post earlier this month, I knew right away what I was reading. A love story. A perfect post.

Perfect Post Award for August 2007

The New Girl, collect your blog bling. And kiss those little toes for all of us.

Check out her post and all the Perfect Post awards today over at Suburban Turmoil and Petroville.

I have a new bit of blog bling myself– the Mother Talk star, which means that I’m part of the Mother Talk book review crowd (and I have one of the top readerships). I’ve just started working with them, but I’m really enjoying what they’ve sent me so far. Click on over to Review Planet to read today’s review of Maximum Ride, the new teen adventure novel by James Patterson, as part of the Mother Talk Blog Tour!

But the most EXCITING news of the day? (With some regret that it’s listed under “Toe Fuzz”) I am thrilled to announce the launch of the DC Metro Moms Blog! Seventeen fine women and wonderful writers (including Mamma; Mom, Ma’am, Me; Sarah and the Goon Squad, Stimey, LawyerMama, PunditMom, and me!) are collaborating on this new blog by, for, and about DC Moms and their families. Click on over now and take a peek!



Edited to add:  Hey, I was awarded a Perfect Post this month too!  Dawn at Coming to a Nursery Near You awarded me one for my post titled “Internet Vacation.”  Coolness.  Thanks!


5 Responses to Toe Fuzz

  1. Good choice! I loved that post.

    And congrats. on your new gig and how successful it’s been!

  2. magnetobold says:

    Neck cheese…… oh I miss that. No I don’t, LOL, but I miss my babies being babies and all the weird stuff that goes with it. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. Katherine says:

    Ah neck cheese… No one ever tells you about that sort of thing!

  4. Kim says:

    Congrats on the DC Moms Blog; I was so excited to learn you were part of it!
    Glad to hear your spark is back…it will always return.

  5. planetnomad says:

    I wanted to give you a perfect post for your “What Would You Do?” post, but I wasn’t organized enough. Sorry. Do intentions count at all?

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