Jane Tomlinson

Jane Tomlinson, cancer survivor, activist, fundraiser, and marathon runner (she ran during her chemotherapy!), has passed away.  I saw her obituary in today’s Washington Post; a quick search led me to her husband’s blog and her own charity site.  I am beyond sad that Jane has passed on; she has been an inspiration to me and so many others.  Jane did a lot to raise money and awareness — her message was that even those with terminal cancer can live a full and productive life.  In her words, “Death doesn’t arrive with the prognosis.”


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  1. ohamanda says:

    Wow! I haven’t read any of the links yet but the quote is profound! Always praying, Whymommy!

  2. Wow, what an amazing woman! How sad. She will be missed but her wonderful inspiration remains.

  3. Alice C says:

    There was a lot of coverage in the UK when Jane died but I didn’t feel able to draw it to your attention. She was an extraordinary woman and joined a gym shortly after getting her diagnosis. She said that running helped her get rid of the anger. She was very modest and always surprised at the media attention that she got but used it to raise over £1 million for cancer research. Her last challenge was a cycle ride across America which she completed even though she was in great pain. She wanted people to know she was still a useful member of society even though she had been diagnosed at that stage as terminally ill.

    I admire what she did immensely but I think that it is very important not to measure yourself against her. Every situation and family circumstance is different. You are doing what you are doing using the resources and the time available to you. And that is extraordinary too.

  4. urban urchin says:

    What a profound statement.
    Thank you for the link.

  5. Thanks for the information. The world lost a good person.

  6. MammaLoves says:

    Her fight lives on in you.

    We missed you last night. I hope everything is okay.

  7. Pain makes depression worse and depression makes the experience of pain less tolerable. You did enough to tire anyone out this week, after being house-bound, sedentary. No wonder your muscles ache. People with chronic illnesses tend to go overboard on their good days and then unfortunately pay for it. I wonder if you may have to learn to restrain yourself a bit on your good days, since really, if the treatment will continue until next spring, this IS a chronic illness.

  8. Oops. That comment was meant for your next post.

  9. ella says:

    I, too, am very sad that Jane passed away. She was an amazing woman.

  10. Bon says:

    i hadn’t heard of Jane, and just clicked over and was blown away by her. Dave is in Leeds this weekend, by a funny congruence…i’m wondering if he’s had the chance to hear more about her there and will bring stories home.

    i am awed by her, but i am awed by you too. just so you know. simply because you find the energy, despite chemo, to blog and be present to the world as much as you do…and i read the post above this too, and just want to say be gentle on yourself, Whymommy. you do not have to be a poster child…

    we love you for YOU. we’re here for YOU. not for the inspiration, but to help carry you along if we can.

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