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Some days, some very dark days, I wonder what the point to all this is.  I wonder why anyone bothers to do anything but get up and go to work and come home and make dinner and raise their children.  Much less open the paper and go to meetings and try like heck to make a difference in the world. 

Some even darker days, I wonder if anyone is.

And then, one of those mornings, I reached into my closet and pulled out a t-shirt at random to wear — and chose the one that says, “Small Angels Rescue,” with a picture of a heart and a hamster. 

I was reminded of the love and energy and effort that this group of (mostly) women put into their cause.  They take these smallest of animals (mice, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and chinchillas) into their own homes.  They feed them, comfort them, train them, and help them become well-behaved family pets.  They post their pictures on Petfinder with descriptions of these happy little souls.  They have created adoption forms, and they interview each applicant carefully, to be sure that the family is really ready to care for one of their babies.  They give up their Sunday afternoons to host adoption events and talk to people who might want to take one of their little ones home.  In short, they do everything that most dog and cat rescues do, wearing themselves to the bone for these animals … for these littlest of animals, the ones that many people do not even value, these pocket pets who can fit in one hand but may rather scurry away than be held, until they know their person well.  The ones whose adoption fee is $5.  The cost of a latte.  And the ones whose whole world can be outfitted for $20.

These people, if you ask me, are saints.  They give of their time, energy, and resources, to save these tiny little souls, and they ask nothing in return.

They do all this because they “believe that every animal deserves a loving home.”

That’s it. 

That’s why people strive and work and exhaust themselves, day after day.  Because everyone deserves a loving home.  I think that’s what most of our activism boils down to, actually.  Whether it’s raising awareness of a danger or raising money to help children or animals, that’s what we’re all working towards.  A loving home. 

I think I’ll go send them a little encouragement via Paypal.

Speaking of Nice people, Mom Unplugged, Lori fom Spinning Yellow, Sam from Temporarily Me, and Jean from Stimeyland gave me the Nice Matters bloggy bling recently.  Thanks, ladies!

nice matters 

I’m passing this awad on to JJ!, Matt, Susan K, Candygirlflies, and both Debs.  They don’t all have blogs.  But they all deserve this.

Written September 10 for posting during recovery from Chemo treatment #4.

8 Responses to Small Angels Rescue / Nice Matters

  1. magnetobold says:

    Yet again a brilliant insight while you are going through your own personal hell. Yet again you are an inspiration.
    This touched me especially today as last week we had to bury my daughters guinea pig. Got frightened by a feral cat and tried to crawl into it’s feed container…..
    Thinking of you and hoping that every day you are getting stronger.

  2. whymommy says:

    Oh, Kelley, I’m so sorry! It is so hard to lose a family member — of any size or shape. We are also waiting for biopsy results on our beloved beagle mix — hoping for the best, but it’s hard not to worry! My heart goes out to you and your family today!

  3. ~JJ! says:

    Oh noooo you din’t! Thank you so much for this. It is too sweet.

    And that animal rescue is too great! Who thinks to rescue the little ones…they always seem to be happy and cared for…

    What a great cause…

  4. Thank you so much, Whymommy.

    This means a great deal to me… especially since it came from YOU.

    xo CGF

  5. Susan K says:

    Wow, I am honoured.. I knew nothing about blogging before you sent me your link. I still don’t know much, though I explore around a little bit when I find links on yours of interest (and I have the time – which is in very short supply).

    I am just so glad that you have found something in my posts, my wishes out to you. I want to help, in some small way, to bring comfort, or a smile or something. I guess I am accomplishing that at some level.

    Daughter number 1 (nearly 7)wants a guinea pig (since we won’t let a cat into the house until number 2 is more than 2 and now she has one in her classroom. Maybe we’ll have to go rescue one! Never would have thunk it. Thank you for the idea.

    All the best.

  6. Your welcome! You sure deserve this. I wish I could comment more here but I have a hard time keeping up (so much to read/write/comment on). You are a fabulous blogger!

  7. whymommy says:

    Sorry about that, Lori. I know daily posts are challenging, but I have so much to write about / get out of my head these days, that it’s just going to be that way for a little while. Feel free to stop by when you can, and don’t give it another thought when you can’t!

  8. magnetobold says:

    Any news on your puppy?

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