Try Again, Mom!

“Try again, Mom!  Pwease, twy!” 

My toddler’s voice echoes through the house, encouraging me, pleading with me, sweetly egging me on to … well, just about anything these days.  Whether it’s his answer to “We can’t go to playdate now; it’s bedtime,” or “No more juice today for you, kiddo,” or even, “Mama can’t get up and play with you right now, honey, Mama’s tired,” he looks up at me with those wide innocent eyes and urges me,

“Try again, Mom!  Pwease, twy!”

Okay, little guy.  For you, and for your little brother, I’ll twy again.


Whether it’s walking, crawling, or grabbing a forbidden TinkerToy, Little Brother is always ready to try again!


26 Responses to Try Again, Mom!

  1. BetteJo says:

    Oh I love that! Toddler encouragement, how sweet is that? Of course we KNOW none of it is self-serving in the least! 🙂 But that’s okay, whatever keeps you going. Keep twy-ing WhyMommy!

  2. Gasp! That photo is priceless!

  3. rimarama says:

    Oh, is he cute! And smart, too . . .

  4. Robin says:

    He is soooo cute! I love his grin.

  5. MammaLoves says:

    I can’t think of any reason better.

  6. Arkie Mama says:

    That is the most precious photo.

  7. magnetobold says:

    Oh that cheeky mischievous grin made my day! Give him a huge sloppy kiss on the back of the neck (my favourite place) for me will ya?

  8. magnetobold says:

    Oh that cheeky mischievous grin made my day! Give him a huge sloppy kiss on the back of the neck (my favourite place) for me will ya?


  9. Robin says:

    The best reason in the world to keep trying. He’s delicious.

  10. Emily says:

    Just wanted you to know I’m still here and still reading. I don’t know what to say most days, and I fear it all sounds smart-assed, but I am still reading. You keep twying.

  11. There is no better reason for us ALL to keep twying than for our children.

    Keep it up, Whymommy!! You’re doing great.

    xo CGF

  12. canape says:

    Little Bear melts my heart.

  13. Dana says:

    Adorable photo!!

    I came over to say that I saw a fantastic feature about you in Parents magazine! How exciting. And also…I had my doctor’s appt. last Thursday. We did a punch biopsy and my results came back negative this morning. This is good news, but I cried about it for awhile because I so wish your results were negative and that you didn’t have to fight this awful disease. I’m still praying for you and your family. I’m going to write about it at my blog as soon as I find the words. 🙂 -hugs-

  14. Bon says:

    keep twying. 🙂

    for that little voice, and the face of his little brother, and for you.

  15. b*babbler says:

    How could anyone deny that face?

  16. clifford says:

    Look at that grip! He is going to be an absolute terror on the inner tubes. Little kids on Lazy Rivers everywhere will live in fear of him.

  17. christine says:

    those dimples are so kissable!

  18. Carrie says:

    With encouragement like that, I’d keep “twying” too! He is beautiful.

  19. What a powerful little motivational speaker!

  20. ~JJ! says:

    What a life lesson!

  21. Ally says:

    TWY. I love it.

  22. jen says:

    the trying is all we’ve got sometimes, right? it’s the motion we need.

  23. lavon says:


  24. Meleah says:

    I’ll remember that for encouragement.


  25. Ana says:

    You should be so proud to have such encouragement! And I know you are! Too cute

  26. […] back.  I had not planned to go along with WhyDaddy on this trip, but at the last minute we decided to try it, to give me some time away from these four walls and hopefully all the thoughts of cancer […]

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