Bob Books: MotherTalk Review

I have a new find to share with you today!  The first set of Bob Books for beginning readers was sent to me recently by Scholastic and MotherTalk, and I am just in love with these little books.  The drawings are simple and engaging, the stories easy to understand, and the pedagogy that underlies their creation is sound.

Perhaps not surpisingly, it is this last criterion that attracted me first to these little books, but it’s not what keeps us going back to them.

This set of 12 little books retails for $16.99 and provides an introduction to the world of Mat and Sam, Dot and Mit, the vet, and many other one-syllabled characters.  The very first book is the simplest, introducing Mat and Sam and simple actions that use the letters M, A, S, and T.  The next two books add C, D, and I, and the characters Dot and Mit, who is a cat.  The language is simple and the rhymes occasional, but the progression is utterly engaging.

Each book begins with the new letters and a pronounciation guide “H as in Hat” that will be consistent throughout series 1 (with the exception of the letter g, which will be used two ways).  The book ends with a guide on how to enjoy the book with your child further.   The line drawings are kept intentionally simple, so that preschoolers can draw their own stories about the characters they meet.

All these details — and the fact that they were created by a master teacher – keep me coming back to these intriguing little books.  My 3 year old, however, who gets a real kick out of reading so many books before naptime, just thinks they’re fun.


12 Responses to Bob Books: MotherTalk Review

  1. Monica says:

    I found these at Costco this weekend – $9.99 for a whole set!

  2. whymommy says:

    Great deal! They’re fun little books too!

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  4. Robin says:

    We have the other sets too and love them. I also found today that Mo Willems has a new book out: Knuffle Bunny, Too

  5. Dawn Milz says:

    Hello! I trust you remember me from Jackson so many years ago! I learned about your cancer and blog last week and would certainly like to re-connect. In the meantime know that you and yours are in my prayers. Dawn

  6. Lynn in GA says:

    I’m a homeschooler and although we didn’t use these, I have several friends who did and absolutely LOVED them. I’m gonna have to look at Costco next time I go-I’ve got a couple more boys coming up the pipe!

  7. Pam says:

    My 5 y/o’s Montessori uses these books and within a school year, he is reading on a third grade level. They really work in getting kids ready for reading on their own and we love them. Bought a set for home just to reinforce the lessons.

  8. twithhoney says:

    I’ll have to check these out for my little bookworm.

  9. Ana says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. A co-worker of mine also recommended these books and also mentioned that they were available at Costco. This is the second blog post this week that has mentioned them; I’ll have to check them out.

  11. Kristen says:

    We have these as well! I found the recommendation through the book, “The Well Trained Mind” and they are a hit with my son. He carried the box of them around for a long time after he first got them exclaiming, “I love my Bob Books!”

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