Guess who?

Guess who else is Walking with Whymommy?


Little Bear!  8 months old, and he’s already a walking/cruising machine.  He’s been walking (with the support of Whymommy or Whydaddy’s hands) for almost a month now, but he’s independently cruising along Granddad’s train table and his piano/exersaucer now, and it’s wonderful.

Today, he crawled for the first time too.  One knee in front of the other.  He got it.

I couldn’t be prouder.  Yes, all babies walk, and yes, all babies crawl.  But you know what?  All mamas are proud.  Including me.

Other Walkers for Whymommy:  Sob’ah My Soul, Jessica at It’s My Life, Laugh if you Must, and Candy Girl Flies!  Chana, Jessica and Matt and their kids, my cousins, and my mother-in-law are walking with me in the Baltimore walk next month!

And who’s Writing with Whymommy? 

ParentDish!  ParentDish published a great article on IBC over the weekend!  This article didn’t list the majority of the symptoms or indications, but it DID point out that there’s another kind of breast cancer out there, and that an important symptom is a CHANGE in the appearance of the skin of the breast.  Good.  Very good.  And thanks for the link, guys!

Check out the newest members of Team WhyMommy on its new page here, and the first posts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month here.  Thanks and hugs to Eastowners, who gave me the Nice Matters Award last week!  How sweet!

And this.  From Canape.  Words fail me.


20 Responses to Guess who?

  1. Jessica says:

    OH he is too cute! And clearly very advanced to be walking so young! 🙂
    My daughter, who was born 8/04, and my son, born 9/06, will be “walking” (meaning pushed in a stroller) with Matt and I too–hopefully we will see you there!

  2. Mine’s 5 months and doing that funny little butt in the air “shake your diaper in the air like you just don’t care” thing. 🙂 Yay for walking!

  3. Christy says:

    He looks so proud of himself! What a sweetie you have.

  4. MammaLoves says:

    God he’s gorgeous!!

    And aren’t the internets cool?!

  5. I was hoping you would post updated boy pictures. I keep seeing their baby faces on your blog and wondering what they look like now. Little Bear is so joyful and ahead of the game. A runner like your brother perhaps?

  6. Colleen says:

    Yeah Little Bear!!!
    He is just so adorable.

  7. Oh my word, he’s beautiful!

  8. NYfriend says:

    Awww, cute! Enjoy this next baby phase mama, and wishing big brother Widget lots of fun with this new era too. Mobility brings the 2 if them to a whole new ball game. 🙂

  9. BetteJo says:

    Oh my, they just keep moving along, don’t they? What a sweetheart!

  10. Robin says:

    Go Little Bear!

  11. canape says:

    Oh my. Must drive north soon and get Little Bear loving.

  12. ~JJ! says:

    So much wonderful news!!!!!

  13. April says:

    They do grow fast…

    Today is my two year anniversary from being diagnosed with cancer; please visit my site to see how I’m doing.

  14. He always looks so wonderfully happy, your Little Bear!

  15. I just tried to comment on your Facebook post but I couldn’t. Is it me or are your comments deactivated?

  16. practiceliving says:

    Aww, he looks so proud of himself in that picture! Love it!

    Also – I just looked at the Team WhyMommy page, and it is overwhelming. I scrolled and read the numbers and scrolled and my heart swelled. You have started something incredible, WhyMommy!

  17. Leigh says:

    Hi WhyMommy! I love the picture – what a doll! I don’t know your email address and I just wanted to let you know that I have a special post inspired by your post about Facebook’s ban on breastfeeding pictures. Thank you shouting out MLJ – I haven’t been there before. Love it!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration I feel every time I read your posts.

  18. Carrie says:

    Yeah for your little walker! And all the other successes life is throwing at you – keep ’em coming!

  19. Char says:

    I can only hope that I’d be as brave as you are going through all this…you truely are an ispiration to the rest of of women, and you so deserve the Nice Matters Award. And Little Bear…what a cutie, I think he’ll beat everyone to the finish line 😉

  20. Anna says:

    Hooray! For Little Bear and for you!

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