Facebook sucks.

Facebook sucks. 

Read about their deletion of photos of breastfeeding mamas (but not other breasts, or the 250 pro-ana sites) at The League of Maternal Justice

I’m going to go cancel my Facebook account now. 


I’m doing well today.  WhyDaddy went to work, and I was able to feed both boys and put the baby down for a nap all by myself.  Well, kind of all by myself.  Stimey was over for a playdate, and she watched Widget while I sang and rocked Little Bear to sleep.  But at this point?  I’ll take it.  It’s so nice to be able to rock Little Bear to sleep again.  Finally, he doesn’t cry from not being nursed.  Finally, he doesn’t scream from the changes.  Finally, my arms are strong enough to hold him and rock him as he falls into dreamland.  Today is a day to celebrate.

Who else is celebrating?  One mother with cancer!  She’s celebrating her 2 year anniversary (of being diagnosed) — and she’s still here and doing GREAT!  Click on over there to say hi to One Mother With Cancer and cheer her on today, would you?  I’m closing comments here in her honor and in honor of

my friend Sarah from KillerBoob.  Sarah is recovering from her long-awaited reconstruction, and she’s having a tough time of it in the hospital.  She is 48 hours out of her surgery, and just now sitting up.  She can’t blog yet, much to her chagrin, but her sister and accomplices are blogging for her, and it sounds like she’s fighting the good fight.  Stop by today and encourage her, would you?

Don’t look for me on Facebook anymore — my account is deactivated.  Over.  Done with.  Ha.  If we all do it, that will teach them to mess with breastfeeding mamas!


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