Gaining perspective

Today will be a day to gain perspective.  After all, even though I have to do weekly chemo, I am stronger today than I was a month ago.  I am stronger today than I was after my last AC treatment, actually.  Since I’m on a new weekly regimen, with a new drug, I only get a fraction of the medicine that I would have gotten on the old drug.  I’m up and around and feel more like myself.  (Well, myself if I were 80 years old and plagued with aches and pains all over my body.)

On Sunday, I took a walk.  A walk!  Despite my hopes, I hadn’t been for a walk, just for fun, since June.  It wasn’t easy, but it was good.  Yesterday, I drove to the craft store by myself, just to muck around.  Again, something I haven’t done since June!  I stocked up on felt, foamies, paint, stamps, all those little things that make crafts with a 3 year old enticing. 

And today I’m going to get out of the house again.  I’m actually meeting another blogger!  I can’t wait.  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

P.S. If I hadn’t gotten up early this morning with my kids, I never would have seen the most amazing sight — Curious George fixing the Hubble Space Telescope!  They’ve really updated that show!


18 Responses to Gaining perspective

  1. christine says:

    enjoy you day! and that curious george is one crazy monkey!

  2. a walk. a wonderful thing — glad you got to do it.

    (And on the new Curious George, The Man is played by William H. Macy, one of my favorite actors.)

  3. Stephanie says:

    Yay for getting to take walks and go to craft stores. Curious George has certainly changed. Its one of my daughters favorites. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. tori says:

    It sounds like you are feeling much better mentally (and physically too!) I am so happy that you were able to do those things! And Curious George is one of my favorites! I hope you have an awesome day! And thank you again for giving me the courage to get my issues checked out. I am still going through tests to be sure, but they feel very strongly that it is just hormonal right now. Without you, I never would have realized that I needed to keep pushing them to test, so thank you. I really mean that.

  5. margaret says:

    Thats great that your up and about!

    Curious George is great. Too bad my daughter chose Harold and the Purple Crayon over it this morning.

  6. Jessica says:

    You are awesome! Hopefully me and the hubby and kids will see you Sunday at the walk! Curious George is a big favorite here too…although we have not seen the Hubble Telescope episode.

  7. diatribal says:

    That is too funny that you mentioned George…My daughter is sitting in my lap, drinking her milk, watching George and The Man With The Yellow Hat learn how to repair that telescope! (The Einstein-Pizza Telescope, actually…hehe).

    Have fun with your “meeting” today. I hope that you have a great time!

  8. deb says:

    I’m glad you got out for a walk and a drive to the craft store. I think of you often and wish only the best for you.

  9. Way to go, Whymommy!!

    xo CGF

  10. ~JJ! says:

    Walking is refreshing.

    Way to go…


  11. Spacemom says:

    George is one bright monkey…The engineers at Dansbury-Hughes? Not so! 😉

    Glad today is better!

  12. Ally says:

    Hooray for this change in perspective! Have a fantastic day.

  13. Samantha says:

    You go!!!

  14. MP says:

    Hi-I am an IBC sister and have read your note on the IBC support post….I currently am on the taxol weekly treatment also, and I can tell you that it is not nearly as hard as the AC treatment you have already courageously endured. By the time you learn to manage the indigestion, the treatments will be over;-) I applaud your strength to pull off being in treatment, being a mom to toddlers, and being a gifted blogger. I so enjoy your writing. I have added you to my prayer circle…..keeping fighting like a girl!!!

  15. Stimey says:

    Way to go, WM! You’re hanging in there like a champ!

  16. ella says:

    Just catching up and SO glad to hear the last couple of days have been better for you.

  17. BetteJo says:

    Sounds like a good day. And Curious George always rocks.

  18. A walk! Shopping for craft supplies to play with your boy! Meeting another blogger (*sniff* wish it was me) and Curious George….
    sounds like a blissful day to me.
    I hope that these days are more and more common. I can feel the contentment in your writing. A perfectly normal Mummy day.

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