Have you ever spent an hour crafting a difficult blog post in the middle of the night, only to have it dissapear entirely on you? 

Yeah, me too.  Now.

Suffice it to say that I love my kids, I am not a fan of chemo, I have been up all night all week, and hilarity ensued.

Oh, and I gave out some pretty blog bling to some pretty great people.  Since that’s the only part that’s really uplifting, I’ll rewrite that part here.


This pretty piece of blog bling came from Zemaida.

I’m passing it on to C.E., to Jessica and Matt, and to my cousins who traveled from Ohio to walk with me in the Race for the Cure last week.  I know I owe another post with pictures and what I saw at the walk — it’ll be posted this weekend.

To Stella, who Can’t Complain Any More Than Usual, especially today.  She’s going to live.   Hooray!  I heart Stella.  I had the opportunity to meet up with Stella and Mama C at the Natural History Museum last week, and it was really great to meet them in person.  They are really wonderful, I learned a lot from some quick chats with Stella about the surgeries!

To Fizzledink, who was a good friend to me last year, and is a good friend to me now.  Welcome back.

And to Pinwheels and Unringing the Bell, who started a really neat writing group this month that I heard about through The Individual Voice.  It’s called Get it Down: 31 for 21.  They proposed 31 posts, one each day of October, to raise awareness of Down’s Syndrome, which affects the 21st chromosone.  I wasn’t organized enough to do it this year, but wanted to, and was moved to participate in honor of the Mustard Seed community that I got to know through my Mississippi church.  They field a mean handbell choir, and they have great programs to support families affected by Down’s Syndrome and similar.  For them, I wanted to participate.  Since I didn’t, I want to recognize those who did.  Y’all rock!

Get It Down; 31 for 21

Big news about the IBC media campaign is coming up … more tomorrow!


12 Responses to Insomnia

  1. I’m sorry about the insomnia…and the lost post.

    Thank you for sharing those terrific links.

  2. ~JJ! says:

    Sorry about the lost post…I hate when that happens…

  3. canape says:

    I so love the Mustard Seed.

  4. Thanks!!! You rock! Sorry about the lost post, what a pain.

  5. fizzledink says:

    Thank you, my friend! This lifted me up today. Sorry about the lost post – that always happens in the middle of the night for me too.

    Hey, funny thing about the phrase “lost post” – did you ever notice that those two words are spelled the same way but DO NOT RHYME? Words that do that really bug me. Maybe that’s just me, though. 😉

  6. Freaky. Boo is awake. Since midnight. I have given up on trying to go to sleep so I wandered over here to see what you are up to.
    Insomnia. @ 3.34am.
    Guess what time it is here in Oz? 3.34am

    Hope we both get some sleep soon.

  7. Brian H says:

    If you are composing online, always try the back key, as often there is an image stored in a temp file by the browser.
    And get yourself a great package called “ClipMate”, by Thornsoft. It saves your copies like a stack of Clipboard pages, and has many features and options, like temp storage for as many or few days as you want, permanent storage, ability to create specific folders for different topics, editing functions, search by word and Collection (folder), etc., etc.
    Doing a quick “select All” and “Copy” (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) periodically gives you goof-proof backups.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t be without it.

  8. Andrea Lawrence says:

    Thanks for the blong bling Cuz! It was so great walking with you this weekend and seeing you! You inspire me!

  9. Scully says:

    I posted something for you on my blog. I am in Dairy Wife’s blog roll, and I read about you, from her. My Mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was four (colon, which in the early 60’s didn’t have a high survival rate at all). It was a trying time for us all, but from that experience with her we all gained much we never realized. I hope you’ll have time to drop in and read.

  10. Well, it’s 4:15 AM and I’m awake with insomnia too! Mine is due to just climbing out of this bout of depression and weaning myself off the poisons that helped me climb out but are now making me sicker. It’s a crazy balancing act. Psychotropic meds supposedly work one third of the time, don’t one third, and make you worse one third, often in the same person at different points in their cycle. You certainly know well enough the good and bad effects of poisons. Here’s to insomnia! Always leads to my best writing.

  11. Happens all the time to me- losing my post, that is. But unto important thing: I love my kid too and I just spent 2 days without sleep because I had to keep watch since he’s got the terrible cough and high fever to boot. And haven’t been online but now.

    Hope you’re feeling okay- as okay as it gets! Beacause you’re an inspiration to others!

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