Fox 5 is pulling out all the stops for awareness of inflammatory breast cancer today!  I’ve seen two pieces on IBC already this morning and they are promoting our webchat tonight from 5-6:30!  It looks like I’ll be over on their site answering questions tonight and talking to people about IBC.  I am so excited!

They’ve already aired TWO pieces on IBC and breast cancer in young women already this morning.  The first piece features Elena Whidder, an 8-year survivor of IBC, who is now on weekly chemo after a recurrence and metastasis.  The second piece includes more on her and also features a 21 year old college student, Colleen Capon, who talks about everything from her diagnosis to concerns about future fertility.  I applaud these women for their bravery … and I can’t wait to see what Fox 5 shows next!


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  1. KillerBoob says:

    grrrl! I am proud of you (and Elena and Colleen). great pieces!

  2. […] Well there’s some great information to nod at. I’d like to mention that Sam over at WhyMommy has been featured in Fox 5 reports on Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) and will be doing a webchat […]

  3. ggirl says:

    I’ll tell everyone I know.

  4. motherofbun says:

    Hope all goes well with the live blogging today.

    Am thinking of ya.

  5. I hope they put a video of your broadcast online. I’d love to watch! Have fun tonight!

  6. whymommy says:

    Thanks, all! The video is online at and the webchat is if you’d like to see it. It was a lot of fun going out to Fox 5 last night, and I’m glad we did it.

  7. tish72 says:

    I saw Susan’s article in the magazine Health the June 2008 copy. And I was moved by reading how you would like people to understand your journey. Our family has lost my cousin Diane at the age of 32 to this horrible cancer. When she was diagnosed we knew nothing about how horrible a cancer it is. The doctors gave her the clear understanding that it was rapid developing cancer and her best hopes were clinical trials. Unfortunatly she fought all the way til the end but it spread to her bones. My family and I feel passionatly about getting the awarenss of this disease and the early signs out to women to help in early detection. Especially young women.. there seems to be no age too young to be affected.
    I am extremly glad that you have the opportunity to wake up every day and hug and kiss your family and appreciate how lucky you are to have gone through this and want to help other women, so that they too have that same opportunity. That is the goal of our family, especially myself. If we can spare other families from feeling the horrible loss we have felt then we will have done something great in her name.
    I wish you continued success and continued health.

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