Runaway O’s, Lonely I’s, and Sweet T

Sounds like a motley cast of characters, eh?  In actuality, it’s just a list of the letters that my little boy can pick out of a storybook.  Until recently, he has been more interested in numbers, counting, building, climbing, pretending, and solving problems than he has been in letters and words.  But recently, with the advent of our nightly reads of Swiss Family Robinson, his first chapter book, with pictures only on every other page, he’s been spending more time looking at the words as I read. 

At naptime today, he pointed at the word “One” and said “Run-a-way O!”  He then proceeded to pick out Mommy’s favorite letter “Sweet T!” (Yes, I grew up in the South, and yes, it’s terribly hard to find a good sweet tea up here.  When I do find one, I often share a taste or two with him; it feels like sharing a bit of my heritage.  So Mommy’s favorite letter is obviously T.)

Tonight, we added “I.”  We nicknamed him the lonely I, because he often stands alone.  I think we’re going to enjoy learning to read together.  And even though there are a thousand and one electronic products that could help us if this doesn’t work, I’m tickled that we’re learning to read the old fashioned way — by picking letters out of a story, one by one.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll dig out the Bob books and see if we can make some progress reading about Mat and his cat, who sat.


6 Responses to Runaway O’s, Lonely I’s, and Sweet T

  1. April says:

    How sweet! Those moments are so precious. My son is 23 months and has started doing this when we watch Wheel of Fortune. It surprised me the first time he pointed to the screen as the contestant rolled a $300 and he said “3.” When Vanna turned a C, he also pointed and said “C.” He also has an alphabet puzzle that he likes to repeat the letters as we put them in the puzzle. They learn so fast.

  2. FENICLE says:

    Love the new look & layout! Very nice.

    I have heard good things about the Bob Books and thought about getting a set for Christmas to get out 5 year old ready for Kindergarten next year. I’ll go check out your review.

    Hope you are doing well!

  3. whymommy says:

    Thanks, Fenicle! Couldn’t sleep, so I redesigned the blog. I hear everyone is doing it for NaBloPoMo!

  4. Dawn says:

    I have to redesign? Oh no! I missed the memo. Ack (say it like Cathy – AAACK!)

  5. diatribal says:

    My 23mo old loves Word World too. I stared recording it on a whim, and man am I glad I did. Every time that she watches it, she gets out her letters and starts “building a word”. I love to see the mashups she comes up with!!

  6. mo-wo says:

    We do a bit of word hunting here and it always charms me when they have a ‘favorite letter’. I never think of it; that we have favorite letters like favorite colours?

    And, me, a professional ‘alphabetizer’.

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