College Park Airplane Museum

It’s raining, it’s pouring … and it’s COLD outside!  Wouldn’t it be a great day to go to the College Park Airplane Museum?  The museum (at 1985 Corporal Frank Scott Dr, College Park, MD) is a fabulous place to play and learn, with plenty of room for the littlest ones to run around and mamas to talk.  There’s even a demonstration airplane that the kids can climb into, play with the pedals and steering columns, and pretend to fly.  There’s a room of hands-on experiments, an air column, a flight simulator, lots of things to touch, stamping and drawing crafts, and so much to see and do.  The Museum is open from 10-4 today — wouldn’t it be fun to go?


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  1. Nancy says:

    Rosie and I will be there! Looking forward to it!!

  2. Museums are such fun with little boys!

  3. Bon says:

    and then there are times i really wish i lived in a real city…one with ANY museums.

    the flight simulator sounds extra cool.

  4. I’m with Bon. we have to travel so far to go to anything really cool by the time we get there the kids are cranky and want to go home!

    Sounds absolutely fantastic!

  5. sherry says:

    I hope you went and I hope you had a marvellous day. Any place you can take the little ones and they can “play” while seeing something new and interesting is always a day well spent!

  6. LOL we use the Space Center the same way. It’s great. Have fun!

    And what happened to the education post? ARGH I was all geared up with “what I’ve learned since my daughter entered public school” suggestions. (And, this was actually not going to include cursing against administrators or any mention of group think, LOL.)

    Using My Words

  7. Divrchk says:

    I was looking for your e-mail address but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I wanted to comment on your preschool post that was up this morning. I have to tell you that I live in NoVA and my son’s preschool is Literature based. They use books to create crafts and other learning activities. It flows so smoothly that the kids are just having fun but learning an incredible amount at the same time. They do teach towards the PALS test but you would never know it watching a typical day in this school.

    When I went for a preview/tour, it just felt right. I can’t imagine a preschool with no books. Don’t give up the search just yet.

  8. whymommy says:

    Whoops! The preschool post autoposted early. It’ll be up tomorrow … sorry for the confusion if you came over from bloglines. I’ve had something sticking in my head today, though, and tried to write about it instead. We’ll see. Tomorrow, preschool!

  9. whymommy says:

    Sticking in my mind. Not head. Mind.

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