Apparently, I saw my shadow

Just call me Punxsutawney Phil

Six more weeks of chemo.


17 Responses to Apparently, I saw my shadow

  1. jen says:


    you can do this. you will do this.


  2. Maggie says:

    You can do it!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you…

  3. Only six more weeks. I am so happy for you–you can do this! All my thoughts and prayers and good wishes are coming your way.

  4. Yippee!!

    NOW we can see the finish line!!

    Go for it, Whymommy.

    You’re winning!!

    love, love, love CGF and Girlies 3 xo

  5. Vanessa says:

    I think the groundhog day metaphor is brilliant… just think of it the same way. In February, 6 more weeks of winter seems like a lifetime.. but all of a sudden, mid-march is here, and groundhog day seems like yesterday! Way to go Whymommy!

  6. Becky says:

    YOU can do this.
    you CAN do this.
    you can DO this.
    you can do THIS.

    No matter how you say it, you really can do this. Six. Not 10, not 8. Six. You GO girl!

  7. Nancy says:

    Hey, by the new year it will be all over. Woo hoo!!

  8. spacemom says:

    Oh bugger. Okay this is only 6. You can count this on your fingers!

  9. mayberry says:

    You can do it — and will have so much to celebrate by New Year’s Eve!

  10. Robin says:


    I hope it goes by as quickly and easily as possible, with possitively stellar results.

  11. juliepippert says:

    Loads of support from me.

  12. whymommy says:

    New Year’s Eve. Excellent point. By then I may even be able to have a drink again!


    (How many years will it have been, between two pregnancies and breastfeeding and chemo, since I’ve had more than one drink? Since Widget is 3 and a few months, I’m guessing it was sometime in late 2003….)

  13. Joanna says:

    It must seem like forever from now, but you can do this – six weeks. The holidays will cheer you up in between and afterwards. I wish you strength and everything fathomable that vibes over the Internet can offer…

  14. Stimey says:

    Home stretch, baby!

  15. imstell says:

    On New Year’s Eve we’ll all raise a glass in your honor!

  16. mcgearstella says:

    Thinking of you!
    You can do it!!

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