New Books!

I haven’t been writing much this week (No NaNoWriMo for me after all, although I’d love to do it), but I have been reading as I put my baby to sleep each night.

I’ve enjoyed reading novels again.  What with all the illness and babies and such around here, it’s been awhile since I’ve really gotten in some good reads.  But this has been nice.  MotherTalk and The Parent Bloggers Network have sponsored some great books in the last few weeks, and I’ve posted my reactions to them over on Review Planet, my sister site:

In fact, I’m giving some of them away — if you’re local and you’d like to borrow or keep The Right Words at the Right Time, Matrimony, or The Other Mother, just leave a comment on those posts and I’ll drop ’em off at your house or bring them to a DC Metro Moms Blog playdate soon.  They’re all brand new for 2007 and only read once!

P.S. There’s also a post about Edible Arrangements, my new favorite alternative to sending flowers.  They have some beautiful Thanksgiving arrangements that will make your mouth water….


4 Responses to New Books!

  1. Patti Lalley says:

    Hi there Whymommy — i am a long time lurker…clicked over to you last summer when looking for ideas on playdates or places to go w/ my now 5y.o.son. Now always checking in to see you win this war w/ IBC.

    I’d love to borrow “The Right Words at the Right Time”. I am local (ss/wheaton)… and willing to pass it on to the next mama that wants to read it too. Just let me know.
    Big virtual hug to you and yours…….Patti

  2. Robi says:

    My prayers go out to you and your family, what a tough job you have.. I wish you the best ct scans and only smiles and big hugs from your precious one. WE WILL BEAT THIS!!

  3. ~JJ! says:

    Bought the Daring Book for Girls…But I’m reading Eat Pray Love right this second… I love it….

    Daring book is next on a list of many….

  4. Meg Wolff says:

    I need a good read so thought I’d check out your Books section. Funny coincidence that you are in DC … I will soon go there for surgery (my leg) and I noticed your comment about Edible Arrangements. I noticed their van today in Portland, Maine. Thought the same thing … a nice idea in place of flowers … especially the multi colored melons & strawberries!

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