Peas and thank yous

Little Bear was apparently not ready for peas and carrots last week after all.  His baby allergies — dairy, soy, corn, wheat, pitted fruits, and everything that contains them — are still present and showing no signs of dissipating.  We thought he might be ready to try some secondaries like peas (peas and beans are related to soybeans; many babies with one allergy will also have the other), particularly since peas are present (in very small quantities) in the simple organic baby foods he’s been enjoying, but … no.  He’s been up much of the night for the past couple nights, sleeping only in our arms where he can wiggle and squirm, but still feel safe and supported.  Back to square one.

It’s been a long week (I started this post on Wednesday!), but we have learned some important things.  The first one is that Little Bear loves to feed himself.  He delights in the physical act of picking up food and putting it in his mouth.  In this he is like so many babies, I know, but it’s such a discovery for each and every one of them!  Each time we put “real food” in front of him this week, Little Bear squealed with happiness and grabbed for a pea, a carrot, or a rice pasta shell, and happily stuck it in his mouth.  The blueberries and minced grapes were bounty beyond his wildest dreams, and he eagerly looked for more.  

He is desparate to try bread, for some reason, and would really prefer to eat off our plates, but all that will have to wait a while, until these have worked their way completely out of his system and we add the least likely allergens back in one-by-one.  No peas.  No corn puffs.  No rice pasta.  But I might start him back on the carrots and blueberries soonish, since he’s had those in the commercial baby foods for months.  Poor little guy.  He just wants to be a big guy and feed himself!  And I want to get him on real food, whole food that I feel better about.

But enough about peas.

On to the thank yous!

Julie Pippert at Using My Words gave me the new Bloggers with Integrity award earlier this week, “for so many reasons…her IBC awareness program, her touching and honest writing, and the beauty she shows us.”  That really caught me off guard.  The last thing I feel these days is beauty.  Thank you, Julie.  That really made my day.

I’m passing this award on to Pundit Mom, who writes with integrity every day about politics, education, motherhood, and other Things That Really Matter.  Every time she posts (at Pundit Mom, DC Metro Moms, Moms Rising …) you can expect a well-thought-out post, often with research and unearthed facts, but always, always with integrity.


Tired Mummy Deb wrote an absolutely beautiful post when she gave me the Inspirational Blogger.  She took my breath away.  But then, her writing often does.

This one I pass on to Sarah at Killer Boob.  Sarah is a year or so ahead of me in this cancer journey, and she blogs about her experience openly and honestly in a way that few have.  Since she opened up and told the most intimate details, I felt more comfortable sharing my details — and my thoughts — with all of you.  Sarah is an amazing woman, and I hope that she knows how very strong she is.  Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your story.


And now, because good things come in threes, I have one more to pass on, the You Blessed Me that Tanya, the Dairy Wife made and honored me with several weeks ago.  Somehow I neglected to pass it on, so here it goes, back into the blogosphere, to … Bette Jo, who always knows just what to say, here, there, and everywhere.  For her comments, Bette Jo.


Truly, though, I would give this to all of you if that were within the rules of the blogosphere … what?  This is the internet?  There are no rules? 

Okay, then!  Today, I want you ALL to know that your love and support have really been a blessing to me this Fall.  Thank you.  Why don’t you take this award with you when you leave and each pass it around to a couple bloggers who have blessed you recently?  I figure since we Americans are about to get sleepy and mushy over Thanksgiving, there’s no better time for such a widespread flinging of the bling!

13 Responses to Peas and thank yous

  1. Kim says:

    Allergies! Such sadness we have over them. Stella (3) almost died form a cashew allergy at 14 months. Then we found out about egg too. Now Otto (10 months) is devouring food like your little one… and I see a bit of eczema here and there. And he was wheezing this week with a cold. I can’t help but be nervous. We just want it ALL to be easy for them, no?

  2. I love Julie and Punditmom, both great blogs.

  3. Emily says:

    All very well deserved, I must say. And, yes, they all start feeding themselves, but it is no less magical just because it happens all the time.

  4. christine says:

    you deserved those awards! oh–it seems like so long ago that my babies were trying new foods and learning to feed themselves.


  5. CE says:

    Have you considered having him allergy tested with the RAST blood test? There are some false positives, but if he is negative for something, you know you can safely feed him that food. With a very big family history of allergies, we did the hypoallergenic diet with both our kids and now, with the second, we decided to have him tested to alleviate some of the doubt that goes along with introducing new foods (is the reaction a coincidence or is he really allergic?)

  6. juliepippert says:

    You are welcome…so well-deserved. I think everyone will agree that you do add beauty, are beautiful.

    Sorry about the allergies. I feel for you guys.

    There is something so adorable about a little baby discovering food and joy of food and feeding himself. Precious image. 🙂

    Using My Words

  7. WorksForMom says:

    Aw sorry for the allergies. You deserve every single award WM. And then some.

  8. KillerBoob says:

    a sincere thank you for the “bling”. It means a lot coming from you, whom I find so amazing.

    And good luck in dealing with the allergies. I don’t have kids but I’ve seen friends go through the same thing. It takes the patience of a saint – er, a mommy!

  9. Margaret says:

    I’m a long-time lurker, and in the spirit of this “peas and thank yous” post, I’d like to thank you for sharing your story; it’s been a great inspiration to me since July, when I found you thanks to all the blog links in your IBC awareness mission. Would you mind emailing me off-list to discuss something private? I’m a reporter– hence all the blog-lurking I do, as well as the secrecy now, at least in this public forum– and my editor has assigned me to write a story on you, if you’re willing. Please?

  10. whymommy says:

    Would I? Of course! I’m off to talk to Margaret, y’all … type at you soon!

  11. Carrie says:

    Congrats on your well-deserved bling!

    And oh the food woes, I remember friend, I do. Good luck!

  12. Stella says:

    Congrats on your awards!

    We’re just coming out of our food allergy haze! It gets better!

  13. Tricia says:

    This post reminds me that I have a case of nutramigen formula I’d be happy to send your way, if needed. Let me know.

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