Blast off with Discovery Kids!

The Discovery Channel Store and the Parent Bloggers Network sent us an awesome toy to review recently — Paz’s blast off rocket from the Ready Set Learn! line.  As a former NASA scientist and lifelong enthusiast, I was absolutely thrilled to be selected to review this product, one that I might not have splurged on but one that I was totally thrilled to get.  As it turns out, if I had seen these in person first, I totally would have splurged on it.

The rocket is a durable, sturdy, armful of rocket sized and shaped just right for an older toddler or preschooler’s hands and arms.  I say arms here because the toy has been so popular with my son and his friends that I frequently find one boy or another with both arms wrapped around it in desparate attempts to “own” it himself.  After we’ve pried off the little visitor and exhorted the boys to take turns, the other mother and I invariably laugh it off.  But the truth is … this is a FUN toy!

The rocket has three levels of fun.  The top level is the cockpit of the rocket, with room for 2 of the 4 action figures included.  (But not the bunny, who has ears sticking out the back of his space suit helmet. This has caused some consternation in my house.)  The bottom level is storage for the lunar rover and possibly one more action figure.  The middle level, though, the middle is a dollhouse in miniature, with tiny shelves, a coffeemaker, and rows of cups in the kitchen.  The murphy bed folds into the wall to reveal a toilet underneath.  The detailing is exquisite, if a bit odd — I wouldn’t actually expect to see books upright on the bedside table in space, for instance, or toilet paper on a roll, but for this age, it’s acceptable.  In fact, it’s charming.

This toy is a true winner.  Yes, it’s plastic, and yes, it’s made in China, but its play value is high and the source appears to be reputable.  It’s not a cheap disposable toy.  This is a quality toy that can be used in three ways — as a rocket, as a dollhouse equivalent, and as a base for “lunar explorations” with the enclosed crater.  It meets my criteria and I totally recommend it for the holiday gift-buying season!  Find them at the Discovery Channel Store online.


P.S. How To Help a Friend will start tomorrow.  I had a big day.


7 Responses to Blast off with Discovery Kids!

  1. I love this toy and your description of it, with the bookshelf and roll of toilet paper in space. All those doors, compartments and action figures! I miss having toys around. I love toys all over the place. I always did.

  2. Stimey says:

    My kids wouldn’t be any of those that grapple over this toy would they? Perhaps there will be less jealousy once Quinn opens his very own version on Christmas. My nephew is getting one too! We ended up ordering the version with little astronauts instead of animals. I’ll let you know if the inside is different. (Floating books, perhaps?)

  3. Andamom says:

    Very interesting … My son isn’t quite old enough to appreciate this (he does like his wood train though)… and I have a feeling that rockets are in our near future.

    You mention that you are a former NASA scientist… What inspired you when you were growing up?

  4. girl says:

    My boy’d like this… very cool.

  5. Bon says:

    dude, this is so cool!

    i think i want to play with it now.

  6. christine says:

    that is the cutest little thing

  7. whymommy says:

    What inspired me? One trip to Johnson Space Center when I was three, looking at the stars at night with my dad and learning the constellations, reading books voraciously (a habit instilled by my mom)…. I loved working for NASA. I also, oddly, loved dreaming of working for NASA. It kept me going in that direction when things got hard.

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