25 days to make a difference

There’s a little girl that Lawyer Mama introduced me to a few days ago who is making a difference in the world, even at her tender age.  This little girl, Laura, has taken up a challenge of making a difference in the world in 25 days, and she’s asked us all — the internets — to play along with her.  This is the best idea I’ve ever heard, and I’m going to join and try to help her make a difference in the world. 

Today she challenged classrooms and teachers all over the country to join in.  She’s also got a blogroll going of other bloggers who have taken up the challenge.  If you’ve got a minute, peek in and see what she’s started.  This is another example of using technology to make a difference in the world, and in people’s hearts. 


The key is to do something each day to help other people in some way and make a difference in the world.  It might be a very small thing, or it might be bigger.  For instance, yesterday, I shared our empty baby food jars with another mom who answered my ad on Freecycle.  She’s going to use them to use to make Christmas gifts for her kids’ teachers and friends.  I’m happy because they’re going to be reused, which is much better for the environment even than recycling (assuming that the recipients eventually reuse and/or recycle the jars).  Today, I offered a prize for the winning classroom in Laura’s contest.  I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll stop by the pediatric oncology infusion unit and see if we can do anything to amuse the kids while they get chemo.  Maybe they’d like a NASA poster or some new children’s books?


8 Responses to 25 days to make a difference

  1. Imstell says:

    What an awesome idea. It’s the little things that make all the difference as we well know.

  2. Veronica says:

    That is a fantastic idea! I have been trying to raise money to help send a little girl to Japan for a school thing. I think I need to go look at Laura’s site.

  3. Ally says:

    I love what Laura is inspiring everyone to do. It is amazing when technology is used in this world-changing way.

  4. LawyerMama says:

    I love, love, love what Laura is doing. Just think, if we all did just one thing every day. Such a great idea!

  5. ColleenZ says:

    WM — you’ve made me cry, yet again. You are such a humbling example of how to live right. In the midst of all your troubles and pain, you are thinking of how to make the world better for OTHERS. God bless you. I’m ashamed of how petty I am most of the time.

  6. Suze says:

    You really are an inspiration you know! I don’t comment much at all but read your blog nearly every day. You and yours are all going through so much and yet you’re still taking time to think of others. I can’t imagine the kids wouldn’t want a NASA poster or more books or just having someone from NASA drop by and commiserate on the chemo.
    As always my thoughts are with you and your family. I also hope your MIL is doing well after her diagnosis.

  7. Susan – Your “prize package”…er…kicks…er…bum-bum. (Family friendly site):


  8. whymommy says:

    Thanks, Suze! The pediatric oncology nurse (in a perfect world, she would be out of a job) was happy to hear our offer, and we’ll start bringing posters and stuff by for the kids next week! It will help me look forward to chemo! 🙂

    And Amy — thanks! I think it will be fun.

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