Night Sweats

Apparently what’s been keeping me up every night for the last four weeks is a simple case of night sweats.  I first wrote about them when I told you about chemopause, but they’ve really been keeping me up at night lately.  All night long, I toss and turn, alternating burning hot and sweating and then ten minutes later freezing cold, so cold that I can’t get warm even after piling on hats, sweatshirts and layers of blankets.  As soon as I normalize, I take the extra blankets and such off, but within the hour, I’m burning hot again and nothing cools me down. 

It’s really a very strange (but common!) side effect of the chemotherapy.


9 Responses to Night Sweats

  1. Susan K says:

    Just think of it as practice for menopause!

  2. What a pain, that sucks…but you are in the homestretch now, right?

  3. I have hormonal night sweats… they are just awful, aren’t they? My husband has been known to reach over for a cuddle, shortly followed by, “ewwww!”. Here’s hoping for even body temperatures for ya 🙂

  4. My mother used to say that she was having her own “personal summer”, and go and stand on the back porch, and flap her clothes, while the snow swirled around her!!

    I’m so sorry… this sucks, especially when you really need a good, uninterrupted night’s sleep to help you heal and prepare for your surgery next month (!!!!!!)

    You’re doing GREAT, Whymommy. I always knew you were one hot chick.

    xo CGF

  5. Larisa says:

    Oh, those drove me crazy (I did ACx4), and they lasted a couple months after chemo ended. But they did stop and I am now sleeping again. I took Benedryl to help me sleep through them, it helped a bunch.

  6. That has got to be frustrating.

  7. canape says:

    I’m sweaty too, but of course it’s Bird’s fault 🙂

    So do you get to change the candle on that cake or what??

  8. Mama DB says:

    Ugh. I had these sweats after each baby. I kept a hot water bottle by the bed and when the chills set in I’d put it under the sheets with me and then 86 it when I got hot again. I’m so sorry, that is miserable.

  9. Imstell says:

    Did you ask your onc about putting you on Effexor? It’s a very mild antidepressant with a happy side effect of getting rid of night sweats and hot flashes. Saved my sanity. And probably my marriage.

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